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Had to try the cosplay aesthetic trend because it’s such a cool idea! I’ve seen so many awesome ones (including one by my babe @pharaohastrid as Kidman!) and I had to try my hand at it with my boy Joseph Oda. I chose the pix, and my bestie @odangod/@rosemarigold did the rest! The beautiful Keeper is the amazing @owlosaurusrex.

roguelily  asked:

Omg in the newest Batwoman issue, it takes place in the future, and Jason is all aged up with a cane and eyepatch 👌👌👌 fanfic material worthy? 🤔🤔🤔

The cane, definitely. The eyepatch? Not so much. My love for an older batboy with an eyepatch belongs only to one man:


30DAYTGC » Day 17:

A song that reminds you of your ship- Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne [insp.]

Precious sourin+love baby Sakura drawing fuck-a-unicorn drew for me ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*


Stisaac AU | The Maze Runner

Ever since Stiles entered the Glade, Isaac has been a dick to him.  He thinks it’s Isaac’s default setting, until he sees the other boy with Scott, who he basically worships like a god.  Stiles realizes that Isaac just doesn’t fucking like him. 

Whatever, no one said they had to all get along, right?  Except Stiles seems to be the unluckiest shank in the Glade, because no matter what, he always ends up having to work with Isaac.

“Slim it, Greenie, just let me take the lead here, alright?  I’ve been here a while, I know what I’m doing,” Isaac says snidely as they trudge along.

“Shuck it!  Y'know what, Isaac?  No one cares!  No one cares how long you’ve been here.  No one cares how smart you are, how resourceful you are, how stupidly handsome you are!  We’re tired of hearing about it!"  Stiles wants to punch that smug look right off Isaac’s face, but he doesn’t think his hand would survive Isaac’s stupid jaw.

Isaac is smirking again.  "You think I’m handsome?”

“Wha - no, I didn’t say that!” Stiles backpedals.

Isaac stops walking to look at Stiles and for the first time he’s not being an ass about it.  He’s genuinely smiling.  “Yeah you did.”

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here (in this moment)

for sennfan​, one of the sweetest people in the fandom, who’s been feeling down lately to my understanding. feel better soon bb! ♥ meanwhile, have some neck kink and hickeys and angst. mostly angst. slightly nsfw, nothing explicit though. 

“Are you sure this is okay?” Erwin asked, his thumb pressed to Levi’s collar where he’d been guided.

“Yeah.” Levi leaned into the pressure and his legs hooked Erwin in against him where he was seated on the desk, eyes hooded, stoking embers in Erwin’s gut. “I want this.”

It had been Levi’s idea, these marks of possession. Of ownership. He received them like a branding, body tensing, stiff like he wanted to be sure he wouldn’t flinch. Erwin hesitated more than once, continuing only at Levi’s insistence. After all, he had to trust Levi.

In their line of work permanence was an ideal: fine in theory, but unattainable in practice; bonds only lasted as long as the next miss of a grappling hook, and precious tokens were easily lost in the chaos of a battle. You had only your own body to trust, and sometimes not even that.

It was understandable then, this desire of Levi’s to be marked, even with the slightest semblance of permanence; something that would allow his body, if lost, to be found once more—not just the physicality of it, but with meaning etched all over.

Words that would not go quietly, but screamed: I was here.

Erwin leaned back to appraise his work, lips wet. “Look,” he breathed, tightening his fist in Levi’s hair and pulling him back.

Levi went with the motion easily, tilting his head back so he could see his reflection in the mirror off to the side. The movement made him bare his neck even more, the tendons in his neck standing out. Slight surprise flitted across his face, then satisfaction.

“Not bad,” he said quietly with an appreciative nod.

It was a wide mark, a rosy red quickly darkening to crimson, saliva-slick and bordered by the blunt indentations from Erwin’s teeth. The colour of it stood out against Levi’s pale skin, a wine-coloured stain on a white canvas, loud in its meaning.

I lived, and was not afraid. Not matter how loudly his ghosts moaned and his demons screeched, no matter how close to him the monsters clawed, foul breath at his ankles.

Erwin dragged his lips up, up to the hollow behind Levi’s ear, mouthing gently at the soft skin there, nose ticked by short hairs. He felt Levi shudder in the cage of his arms, felt him reach for the bolo tie to drag him closer until Erwin obliged, sucking another mark into the underside of his jaw, soothing it over with a light graze of his tongue.

I fought, and it was for freedom. Because this, living enclosed within the Walls was not what humanity deserved.

Levi rutted against him, cock hard, a thick line straining against the confines of his trousers. His legs tightened around Erwin’s waist, giving him leverage. A small noise of dissent escaped him when Erwin let go of his hair to reach down and unbutton said trousers, but it was quickly swallowed up by Erwin’s lips over his.

“You’re so beautiful,” Erwin murmured, and being this close made it easy to see the tinge that spread quickly across Levi’s cheeks, complementing the splotches of colour on his neck and the diffuse flush across his chest.

I loved, and was loved.

You loved me to my last breath, and far, far beyond that.

“Gonna be much longer?” Levi asked, adjusting his cravat. His belts were fastened once more, impeccable.

Erwin grimaced. “Likely. You should sleep, Levi.”

He reached out to tug the cravat up just the slightest bit in order to cover up the highest mark there—purpling now—a secret between the two of them for now, but with evidence laid clear across Levi’s skin. Levi’s hand caught his, holding it to his cheek for a brief moment before he left, the door clicking closed with a certain finality.

I was here

And you were here with me.

[130925 IZE INTERVIEW] Sehun:Even though I was scouted in grade 6, my actual trainee life started during grade 8. Because I was really young, I didn't really practice hard at the beginning. But when I was in grade 11, I felt that I can't continue like this because everyone around me seemed to know what is their dream already. It was from then on that I started practicing really hard for my dancing skills.