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baeby baek is shy 🙈

I don’t get people who just absolutely hate certain achievement hunters. Like. Sure Jack backseat plays a lot, Jeremy makes a lot of noises, Gavin sucks, Ryan’s a dad, Geoff is a sore loser, and Michael yells. But like. They’re all our boys. Yeah sometimes they get on my nerves a bit but I love them all still?? Like why hate one when u can just love all of them for their own things?


↪ 1/10 Male Biases - Taehyung of BTS (ult)


💞 morning sex

💞 cuddling afterwards, with Chanyeol holding on to Baekhyun for dear lifeu

💞 constant teasing in public

💞 baekhyun palming chanyeol through his denim while they are in public with the other members

💞 probably the kinkiest couple

💞 daddy kink all day boiiiiii~

💞 date nights where they go roller skating or to the fair

💞 making out on the slow, aesthetic looking rides

💞 hella pdaaaaaa

💞 baekhyun sitting on chanyeol’s lap while yeol is teaching him how to play the guitar or key board/piano

💞 that resulting in thigh riding

💞 hickeys 😊

💞 over stimulation

💞 chanyeol cooking for baekhyun on their anniversary

💞 blowwwwww jobssssss & asssss eatingggg (chanyeol doing the ass eating)

💞 creating choreographies (with the help of jongin and sehun) together and showing the other members

💞 pcy: “baekie you’re so cute”

bb: “and you’re annoying”

pcy: “thats why you’re not getting dick tonight”

bb: “nooooooo~ no waittttttttt”

Sorry this mainly sexual……..oops :/

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aye jade i saw someone else do this so now you must also suffer :) ship your mutuals with an idol and ship them ;) - jhoe anon

i love this ask so much tysm jhoe anon ily alkhwlahf this is so cute?? still don’t talk to many people so i’ll just stick with the same people from last time lol (with one added because i just had to)

this got really long lol (probably because i wasn’t rushed this time)

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the tudors ladies (& bb!elizabeth) + hats