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Sometimes I make shitty memes even shittier. I’ve been freaking out cause of the ch 129 spoilers so here’s my contribution to the discourse. Unlike Sebastian though, I already love both ciels.


-   C i e l   P h a n t o m h i v e   -

~ lmao I can’t wait 129 chapter to be translated bc the real Ciel ;-;


Ciel and “Ciel” For the new leak from Black Butler as the pose from the twins from Ouran ~ 

Anyone wanna play the “ Which one is Ciel?” Game~ ;)


How to Annotate: Lit Theory Essays

This comes with the usual caveat: these are just intended to be helpful suggestions, I am not an annotating expert, and y’all should do what works for you.

Upcoming posts are: my lit theory recommendations, summary of author/authority theories (Barthes, Foucault, Hermeneutics / Reader response)

Tell me what posts you want to see.


middle earth meme | five elves glorfindel

“Still do the Eldar say when they see good fighting at great odds of power against a fury of evil: Alas! ‘Tis Glorfindel and the Balrog.”

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What they say: I’m fine.

What they mean: All the Unversed have red eyes yet Vanitas has golden ones like Xehanort. Vanitas’s theme despite being an antagonist had his theme included in the Hero and Heroines arrangement of the official KH concerts. While the Mysterious figure was relevant story-wise in DDD, he could have picked up Vanitas’ remnant during bbs and brought him in the future. Otherwise it could have just stayed THERE like Lingering Will for the past eleven years and we would be none the wiser. 


I keep forgetting to post these, but these guys are the Blind Wave Crew. They’re a reaction channel on Youtube and I’ve come to admire them for a long time for their insight and their amazing sense of humor. Then recently, they posted this episode which was a pretty neat surprise. They aren’t aware of Hannibal it seems, but they are aware of Bryan.

Idk. Maybe we can give these guys a chance? :)

But anyway, I have a pretty complicated theory about Ciel’s evil twin. 

Flashback to when they’re first captured by the cult (which imo is the same cult that dark!Ciel is a part of at present). So they’re captured by a cult who has a specific grudge against the Phantomhive family, right? We still don’t know why they have the grudge, but the Phantomhives have lots of enemies so there’s really no telling. 

BUT, my theory goes kind of like this: Ciel and his twin make a pact while they’re captured that if one of them should survive, they living twin will assume the role of “Ciel Phantomhive” and lead the Phantomhive family from then on. Which is pretty basic, but here’s where it gets complicated haha. 

Dark!Ciel says that “you stole the candy from my tummy”, and while that could be taken literally, I think it means “You sacrificed me to save yourself” or “you stole my chance at surviving”. So what I think is that the Ciel we know in some way managed to orchestrate the other Ciel’s death. His self-preservation instincts and absolute regard for his own life was what summoned Sebastian in the first place (the fact that Ciel would “kill” his brother in order to escape). Sebastian saw that and thought Ciel was worthy of a contract. So our Ciel takes over the role of the queen’s guard dog as a way to honor the deal he made with his brother, who was the real Ciel, being the older twin. 

So how is the other Ciel alive then? Undertaker. It’s my belief that he’s been working with the cult and resurrecting people for the purpose of bringing back Ciel’s twin, and they finally succeeded. That brings the question: why go to that much effort to bring back Ciel? 

Well, it has something to do with Claudia Phantomhive. Undertaker clearly has some kind of history with her, and I agree with a theory I’ve been seeing around that Undertaker could be the twins’ grandfather. It would explain why he’s always been so obsessed with Ciel, and why he would bring back the other Ciel. It would also explain why Lizzie won’t come back: she’s realized that the “Real” Ciel, her betrothed, is not the one she has come to know. 


Okay okay okay so, what if the BBS boys just act gay with each other to fuck with us? I mean it seems to be accurate. And they watch us every day here on Tumblr and see how we act whenever they post a new video with some “shipping moments” in there. Wouldn’t it just be wierd? Actually you know what I might be wrong just who knows really.