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Back to school with NCT 127 😂

Block B: How they look at you


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Taeil: i think we lost minhyuk
Zico: who?
Taeil: you know bbomb?
Zico: who dat?
Taeil: our dancer?
Zico: oh you mean kim yukwon yeh great guy he a great guy
Taeil: no the other dancer like the quite guy
Zico: oh yeh you mean jaehyo i got it i got it .he at the drugstore
Taeil: no like omg . Jaehyo s not even a dancer
Zico: oh sorry man i got it now omg you right, we lost him…….
Taeil lookin hella relieved
Zico:…… But like hanhae left bb ages ago
Taeil: omfg

170113 - Taeil - Twitter

@BB_taeil: 清水翔太さん、ありがとうございます😊ぜひ、よろしくお願い致します。@sshota0227

Shota Shimizu-san thank you so much I really appreciate your offer and hope to work with you. @sshota0227

In the video:
Shimizu Shota-san I’ve seen Twitter and thank you so much. I’ll definitely go to your next concert. Thank you so much.

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