bb sho chan


Jun: His greatest appeal is his gap, right? From the time he started NEWS ZERO, little by little he grew into the face of the caster, and when you watch you can feel at ease. He has a different face when he is with the five of us. In variety he takes control, and as the artist he writes rap lyrics, he is becoming an increasingly multifaceted individual.

Aiba: He is a person who has many faces. Speaking of something unexpected, he suits wearing a backpack (laughs). He often uses it, so I also gave him one as a present.

Nino: As everyone knows, he is a person of stability. To the point where he likes to rigidly schedule his days off… the complete opposite of me.

Ohno: Sho-kun’s rap is always so great I think. The words he chooses, the way he rhymes, and the more you listen to it, the more you like it. Also, everyone doesn’t have the chance to see it, but I like the Sho-kun who is learning his individual choreography of our new songs for the first time. Though he’s checked the video once, amongst all the members he’s still the most confused, and somehow this confused state is really cute. (laughs)  

Sho: All type of work is important, but I have a lot of things I want to do. Both in public and in private through the tool of rap to show a unique self expression, is the most important to me, I think.

Nino’s Part Aiba’s Part

- MORE, 2014 issue 12

Happy Birthday Sho-chan!

Even if this has been translated before, I thought it was really cute, so I put my spin on it. Here’s to another year of amazing raps, eh? <3