bb records


-you’d win that bet by miles, W–*COUGHCOUGH”ANON”COUGH*

Also someone else I haven’t drawn in a while…? The dumpster rabbit himself. Tryin’ a different look for the rotten bastard and just might keep it.

Not to his credit or anything, but everyone would start gettin’ tired of hearing BB’s recordings. >_>


*softly plays Romantic Flight in the background

Happy Birthday @marchingspace!!!!! Here’s a thing to wish you an awesome day and to say thank you for being a lovely friend and inspiration ❤ I hope all your wishes come true and may all your OTP needs be fulfilled bb, MUACKS!


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Anonymous: Can you do an imagine where BB-8 tries to get Poe to confess his feeling to the reader

–For Anonymous

Usually you weren’t easily startled, but you were so distracted by the work on your ship that when something hard and metal bumped into your leg you gave a start. You looked down to see the sweetest droid in the resistance, otherwise known as BB-8.

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