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100daysofsurvivorvictim: Day 6

More Ohmwrecker and CaRtOoNz~ * u * Because I have an addiction with the mix of R6 & the conversations these two have♥ and that IG’s videoooo omg…  


headcanon: Poe loves puns. he’s totally the kind of person who would laugh at his own dad jokes. everyone at the Resistance has pretty much had it with them, but sometimes (”hey, Finn. knock knock.” *heavy sigh* “who’s there?” “olive.” “olive who?” “olive you!” *cue dorky grin* “you’re impossible.” “but?” “… olive you too.”) … Finn doesn’t mind so much. “is Bee Bee hungry? no, Bee Bee ate!” didn’t go over very well with BB-8, though. (cue a series of annoyed beeps that translate to something like, “I’m a droid I don’t consume food, dumbass!”)


a compilation of one out, two out. my favorite inside joke… I love got7…..

• when the teacher asks if you’ve been texting

• when you let your true self show in front of a new friend

• when you try to show people your talent for the first time

• when you bullshit but it ends up being true

• when a movie comes out with your dream cast

• when you heard Bucky was in the after credits Antman scene, but before you’d seen it.


But that’s the thing about endings; we haven’t reached yours just yet.