bb pens

uggggnnfffffff dat thigh tat tho bb like how dare you

tools used: pentel brush pen black, micron liner 03, copic multiliner, signo white gel pen, copic sketch in colors W7 W2 W5 & R20, photoshop to clean some fuk ups, & strathmore bristol paper


Inktober Prompt 3: Antagonist or villain 

Ink Black’s archnemesis is their equal and opposite, Pure White.  Black is a Robin-Hood esque vigilante. White is an Inspector-Javert-esque police officer. Shenanigans ensue.

It’s hard for a desaturated color to be anything in the world of the Color Wheel, but Pure White has managed to claw their way up in the Color Wheel’s police force. They did this by being absolutely perfect, and keeping their criminal record as spotless as a blank white sheet of paper. So the saturated colors grudgingly tolerate them. White has a narrow black-and-white (ha!) view of morality: following the law is good, breaking it is evil. No exceptions ever. They’re a little dangerously obsessed with the stuff the color white represents: purity.

They’re also kind of a dweeb who Can’t with other colors. This is one of many things they have in common with Ink Black

 I only meant to do one drawing but I got carried away and figured hey I’ll post these others too