bb pens

uggggnnfffffff dat thigh tat tho bb like how dare you

tools used: pentel brush pen black, micron liner 03, copic multiliner, signo white gel pen, copic sketch in colors W7 W2 W5 & R20, photoshop to clean some fuk ups, & strathmore bristol paper

“I didn’t mean to do it… I was going to let him go!”

“… I know.”

AU: Katara accidentally follows through on killing Yon Rha, and Zuko tries to deal with the fallout.

imagine pocket-sized jungkook studying next to you while a kpop playlist plays in the background. sistar’s touch my body would come up on shuffle and jungkook would immediately jump up and start dancing on top of your worksheets.


Since my parents went to have dinner with some friends, I tagged along (because of food, obviously) and had nothing to do.

So I did some quick Voltron sketches (these space assholes are the only thing on my mind lately), a doodle of something else I have in mind and a little bit of Klance, because honestly, it ships itself.

Lord Byron (apparently) stated that “Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.” Raoul quite agrees.

I have been listening to the Little Women OST a lot lately (since it is so nostalgic and perfect for rainy days). In any event, here is a small Raoul–with a slight case of writer’s block. 

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