bb penguin


Luke: You can’t talk shit about Canadians

Delirious: No you can’t- you can’t, that why I can never talk shit to Vanoss. Cause that Mothafucker’s Canadian.

Luke: yea, it’ll hurt his little feelings

Delirious: Yeah- yeah every time he looks at me, he’s sends me like uh- like uh gif of a sad penguin.

*Luke snickering*

Delirious: Every time… Fukin time.

Me: (ʘ‿ʘ)

(Video X at 1:03 - 1:21 )


Adorable penguin

one of my fav things about the Gotham fandom

is the way almost everyone mother hens Penguin ALL THE TIME

and like 90% of random posts are just ‘nooooo Ozzie!’ or ‘my poor bb Penguin!’ and we all just want to hug him and wrap him in a blanket and feed him

and I know this isn’t NEW for any kind of fictional character ofc

but this is for THE fucking PENGUIN (the Gotham version of which is particularly violent and sadistic) 

and sometimes I just stop and think about this and it kinda blows my mind, because THIS IS NEW, Batman has been around over 75 years and even with my limited Batman knowledge I’m pretty confident in saying that NEVER in all that time has THIS CHARACTER been this popular or inspired such fondness 

so idk, I just think that’s pretty wild is all