bb penguin


Luke: You can’t talk shit about Canadians

Delirious: No you can’t- you can’t, that why I can never talk shit to Vanoss. Cause that Mothafucker’s Canadian.

Luke: yea, it’ll hurt his little feelings

Delirious: Yeah- yeah every time he looks at me, he’s sends me like uh- like uh gif of a sad penguin.

*Luke snickering*

Delirious: Every time… Fukin time.

Me: (ʘ‿ʘ)

(Video X at 1:03 - 1:21 )


some extra footage of the Interview that I’ve never seen before.

There were some milkshakes early on but–yeah, trying to keep it a bit more healthy now and it’s–you know–it’s pretty much impossible to keep weight you know right now so um–yeah, I’ll be excited when I can eat for sure.


bbRusty and bbHags in 2009!

And for more Yelling About Rusty and Hags, please have this article from 2008 about Rusty’s brother, Matt, who played NCAA hockey for University of Michigan, where he was teammates with Carl Hagelin and was infamous for a YouTube of him dancing to Fergie’s Glamorous, a song that Rusty and Hags did a perfectly choreographed dance routine to at the Cup party after the Pirates game this year, nine years later IM FINE NO ONE LOOK AT ME.