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Could you start tagging if it's official art from owari no seraph? You post so much great, and I think I saw a post with official art way back. I understand if it's a hassle, but it would be really awesome if you would :D (if you do have a tag of it that I missed, could you maybe link to a taglist? I'm sorry to bother you!) Alternatively, got any fun picures of Mika and Yuu in alternative outfits? // A cosplayer wanting to look at all their outfits :'D

I do tag my Owari no seraph official art as “official art” haha although I think there’s official art from other fandoms as well in that tag, but not near as many.

As for your question about the outfits, there’s the 

High school au 

The valentine’s day clothes (ons bb, w/ aprons, sharing chocolate casual clothes)

Mika in that amazing black suit from ons bb

New year’s ons bb clothes

Halloween costumes (also from ons bb and official art)

Christmas event

Those are the ones I can remember, but there’s probably many more out there.