bb no don't cry


lgbt film meme: favourite lgbt movie ever [more] → Pride (2014) dir. Matthew Warchus

“I grew up in Northern Ireland. I know all about what happens when people 
don't talk to each other. That's why I've never understood what's the 
point of supporting gay rights but nobody else's rights, you know?”


i’ve been missing from tumblr because life rocket boosted me to some place i don’t know how to return from.. lol but in that time, i doodled a bunch and slammed them all in twitter.. my life revolves around twitter because i get some good shit good shit there 10 outta 10 YEAYUH

omg i don’t make sense i’m sorry -lies on the floor- besides that, i’m busy with life and stuff.. the usual. been playing as much overwatch as my body allows.. also, lol i’ve gotten a lot of questions in my inbox about who i main, my guys. it doesn’t matter.. just know i love gabe reyes and i love drawing him with jesse.. -shrugs- 

lookit all these messy doodles of gabe and jesse

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Gabriel Reyes and Jesse McCree©Overwatch/Blizzard


the four princes who stand with Soo. 

                                                            (and the one who won’t.)

Sweet Tea Haters
  • Vanoss: Anybody else wanna guess the drink?
  • Ohm: A sweet tea.
  • Basically: Who the fuck gets a sweet tea?
  • Ohm: I get sweet tea.
  • Basically: Are you a 13 yr old girl?
  • Ohm: Yes!
  • Delirious: Hey, do you go up to the counter and be like "hey sweetie".
  • Basically: Hey sweetie, can I get a sweet tea.
  • Ohm: You guys never get sweet teas? Are you for real?
  • Basically: Fuck that, no!
  • Bryce: Why would I get a sweet tea?
  • Basically: Who wants fucking like flavored water?
Chitoge crying is just </3

She had always been shown to be keeping it all in. No tears, just…sad eyes.

Even as a kid she didn’t shed a tear

but this

This is awful. Seeing your best girl crying over that one last flicker of hope dying away, it’s just so heartbreaking. CHITOGE DON’T CRY T^T You’re going to be end girl anyways, so save the tears for when Raku tells you he loves you ;A; 

Raku better hurry up and find her because our best girl doesn’t deserve any more heartbreak T^T

  • Fenris: "Here I am, about to defend mages in hopeless battle. You lead me to strange places, Hawke."
  • Hawke: "I'll take you to stranger places than this."
  • Fenris: "A tempting offer. I... may not get the chance to say this again. Meeting you was the most important thing to ever happen to me, Hawke. Promise me you won't die. I can't bear the thought of living without you."
  • Hawke: "I don't make that promise unless you do."
  • Fenris: "Nothing is going to keep me from you."