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kuroshitsuji | sebastian michaelis

then there are villains who are affably evil. there is absolutely nothing separating them from being normal, polite people except for the fact that they want to take over the world or use human souls to power their artifact of doom. they’re not the stepford smiler — their affability is a genuine part of their personality, not a mask. if they have underlings, expect them to be a benevolent boss. in one way, they’re the opposite of an anti-hero. they may pet the dog on occasion, but won’t hesitate to kick it with steel-toed boots the next second if it helps them accomplish their evil plan. they may well be a villain with good publicity because, after all, being evil doesn’t mean you have to be anti-social.


“At that point in time, I made the decision to become a wife capable of protecting Ciel.” I had a ton of fun with these two colorings and I’m especially proud of the ruffles on Lizzy’s first dress and the curls in Lizzy’s hair in the second coloring. I hope you guys like it! PLEASE DO NOT REPOST