bb kitty still needs a name


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Tagged by: @cornma ty bb, much lov ♡

NAME: Natasha (but no one calls me that lmao)

NICKNAME: Tash, dat bitch.



HEIGHT: 5′10

AVERAGE AMOUNT OF SLEEP: I need at least 7 hours to function properly, if I don’t get that I’m 5/7 grumpy.


FAVORITE ANIMALS: Dogs, Owls, Pandas, Turtles.

DOGS OR CATS: Dogs ♡ Still lov me some floofy kitties tho too.

BLOG AGE: Uhhh like 3 months maybe?

REASON BEHIND HAVING A TUMBLR: I came back to tumblr after like 4 years bc I just got into digital art and wanted a place to share it, as well as make some internet friends bc ya gurl was lonely lmaooo.


I TAG: @ethadahlen, @therowdyravens, @illiksis, @kiss-my-asra, @empresstress13, @alasmaghilana, @thecombustiongirl, @incarnatis, @overboss & @2barkishungry. Any other of my mutuals I haven’t tagged can also consider themselves tagged too! If you’ve already done this/don’t want to, then you can ignore this, s’allll good :-)