bb jet


For anon…angst, enjoy!

Poe held Y/N’s hand as he rushed through the small area. He had draped a black shawl over her in order to disguise her. Beneath the cloth, Y/N bit her lip as the anxiety riddled through her bones.

Poe, someone who’d always been so close to her, had stormed into her home looking frightened. No flirtatious greeting. No cocky grin. Just fear. Without so much as a word, he had pulled her up.

“Poe,” she whispered, “What’s going on?”
“We have to get you out of here,” he stated, panic just seeping into his tone.
“Just tell me what’s happening. Please Poe.”

Poe hastily shoved her against a wall covered in shadows. He quickly spun to face her and placed his free hand over her mouth. Her eyes widened as he wordlessly shushed her. The pilot listened intently on the nearby sounds, mostly footsteps. Y/N knit her brows, curiosity driving her mad. Relenting, Poe pulled them farther into the alleyway. He let go of her mouth.

“The General received word that the First Order are after you. More specifically, Kylo Ren is after you.”
Her eyes bugged out. “What? Why? Why is he after me?”
“The transmission said something about training you, in the Force I think, in order to revive the Sith.”
“B-But Rey,” she stuttered, “She’s the one who can do all that stuff. How…How could I, of all people, be connected to the Force like that?”
Poe shrugged. “All I know is that he’s looking for you and we’ve gotta get you out, now.” He stopped, hearing the silence of the night. “Come on.”

The pair hurried from the alleyway. They stuck to the shadows as they made their way through the village. Poe grinned when he spotted his hidden X-Wing.

Poe jumped in before he helped her into his lap. With as much speed and accuracy he could, Poe began to lift off. Unfortunately, the sound his jet made caught the attention of those around them: Stormtroopers.

They began to shoot after the pilot. Y/N ducked her head down to avoid the shots.

“Hold on,” Poe yelled.

Shutting her eyes, Y/N remained low. Poe did his best given the position. The Resistance pilot soared off the ground. He focused on getting away instead of fighting the bastards. He had to get Y/N safe. He had to.

The pair lurched forward as a laser connected with the jet. Poe grit his teeth and clenched his hands.

“Come on, baby. Just hold on. Just get us over that ridge,” he prayed aloud, “Let us hide. Let us hide!”

Scared, frightened, and out of instinct, Y/N closed her eyes and focused on keeping the jet aloft. She had no idea that this was more than a thought. However, the longer she held it, the worse her headache became. When the pain was unbearable, she snapped her eyes open. Just passing the ridge, the jet began to descend rapidly, crashing moments later.

Once it seemed the carnage had settled, Poe rolled to a kneeling position. He did his best to focus on his surroundings. His eyes sharpened on a limp Y/N. The sound of incoming TIEs hastened his actions. Poe grabbed Y/N from underneath her arms and pulled her under the thick foliage of the ridge.

Thankfully, the TIE fighters hadn’t detected them. Poe glanced down to the woman in his arms. He immediately noticed the lightened color of her face. That wasn’t a good sign. His eyes traveled downward, stopping at her side. A huge spot of blood stained her clothes.

“Y/N,” Poe stuttered, “Oh stars, Y/N. Wake up, please!”
She didn’t move.
“No, no, no, no. You can’t do this to me. I was supposed to save you. Please, say something, Y/N.”

When she didn’t respond, Poe snatched the shawl from her head. He quickly began to attempt to stop the bleeding. He tightened the fabric around the gaping spot. A wince reassured him that she was still alive, though just barely.

“Listen, Y/N. You can’t give up on me,” he whispered, “Don’t you do it. Don’t leave me when I haven’t told you how much you mean to me.”

A beeping caught the pilot’s attention. He glanced up to see BB-8.

“BB-8, contact the General and give her our location. Ask for an emergency jet. Hurry!”

BB-8 hastily followed orders and Poe held Y/N in his arms. He quickly realized he was shaking. He rocked slightly. Why couldn’t he have flown better?

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