bb is so wise

Those are the men that we are fighting. We must win this war at any cost.

PSA to bbs content creators

There’s been a blog going around called “fggggvhjjj” that has been harassing bbs content creators like @littlehypno and @moonshii-arts and myself (maybe others as well)
They are pretty much a blog that will try to get a negative response from you, and only seems to go after bbs content creators, it might be wise to just block them so they don’t try and harass you when you post in the tags

To play (a guitar) quickly is absolutely not an amazing thing. Because anyone can attain that standard through practice. What’s more important is having a good melody. If you see the guitar as a voice, will anyone be touched by a fast-paced song? A song which is played in a beautiful manner, will touch people even more instead.