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Youngling Ben Solo and Poe Dameron growing up as “Surrogate Brothers” BB8 often gets babysitting duty, but its okay because he loves Leia’s boys…

//celebrating the new Entertainment Weekly reveal that “Leia views Poe as a surrogate son” and that they are “family” <3. And since Ben didn’t go darkside until he was 23… he and Poe had lots of time to be adopted brothers since their families were always so close! ;D Poe is now canon Skywalker family! -happy ewok trumpets-

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“I guess I can be a pain in the butt. I have suggestions like an annoying actor and I have questions. I’ve just sensed this last season that this is their baby: ‘Just say the words as they’re written, and shut up.’ Which is absolutely fine. I respect that! And obviously, what they write is not bad, it’s really good. It was a very significant shift.” - Nikolaj Coster Waldau [x]

All I see when I read this is:

NCW before the scripts were released

NCW after reading the first few episode scripts

NCW making a suggestion

NCW getting shot down

NCW during promo season not giving a fuck anymore

The Last Jedi: New Revelations From Star Wars Creatures Boss

The new issue of Empire comes hurtling towards a galaxy not so far away from yours this week, and among the many exclusives packed within, there comes word direct from Lucasfilm on what we can expect of the fast-approaching Star Wars: The Last Jedi, astonishingly only six weeks away.

The latest issue carries an interview with Neal Scanlan, Oscar-winning effects genius who currently heads up the Creature Workshop for Star Wars, giving us some intriguing hints on how his work shapes the course of the Skywalker saga.

One of the tidbits Scanlan revealed to us was that Porgs – the puffin-like birds glimpsed in the trailer (which have already caused a merchandising sensation) – were at least partially related to the Caretakers, the more sentient nun-like creatures who live on the island of Ahch-To with Luke Skywalker. “With Ahch-To, it felt like the only creatures that would ever exist on this island were those indigenous to it, where very few other species and DNA would have reached them,” Scanlan explained. “So they’re an extrapolation from the porgs and have bird-like feet, but they’re a further developed race.”

Scanlan also revealed that the Porg seen in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca in the trailer is befriended by Chewie, as “that porg in particular shows some very Wookiee traits in the way he’s coloured; his patterning is very similar to Chewie’s.”

As for the mysterious Crystal Foxes, also spotted in the trailer, Scanlan offers some background on their origin: “The theory is they’ve fed off this planet for so long that their fur has become crystalline. They’ve taken on the very surface of the planet they live on.”

Elsewhere, Scanlan teases a scene where BB-8 is on the run from his evil First Order doppelgänger, BB-9E. “There was this one scene in particular where BB-8 is in disguise and has to try and make his way without being recognised,” Scanlan says. “It just seemed so threatening that his doppelgänger would be the very one that may or may not discover him.” 

— Empire

markbam make me so soft!!!!! bambam’s mother always talks about how close mark and bambam are and it makes me sO EMO!!!!! mark basically raised bambam!!! bambam was a BABY when he moved to korea and bambam’s mother trusted mark to look after him!!!! and mark’s family have taken him with open arms!!!! all bambam wanted to do was debut in a band with mark!!!!!! “whEREVER BAMBAM WANTED TO GO, MARK ALWAYS WENT WITH HIM”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonho trying to flirt with changkyun in mandarin (and failing lol)

First they learnt how to say Noona you’re so pretty

Then wonho asked the host how to say it for a younger person lol

Wonho then turns and says it to changkyun and mispronounces it haha (ft. the slight looks of judgement from mx lol)

Then you have wonho being all cute and looking proud of himself haha. Fighter era was truly blessed yall.


Wonkyun being cute (but out of sync lol) greaseballs together~

cr: monstaro

I’m still pressed that the season’s over and  P*** continues to call Dominique “crazy” and say that “””she went a little crazy””” (untrue) to distract people from all the gross bullying towards her. Not only that but the whole “crazy” thing reinforces the racist ass Angry Black Woman Stereotype that he’s obviously been imposing upon her. Idk if Piss stain’s raven-level-delusional or doing it maliciously but either way it’s gross