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“I guess I can be a pain in the butt. I have suggestions like an annoying actor and I have questions. I’ve just sensed this last season that this is their baby: ‘Just say the words as they’re written, and shut up.’ Which is absolutely fine. I respect that! And obviously, what they write is not bad, it’s really good. It was a very significant shift.” - Nikolaj Coster Waldau [x]

All I see when I read this is:

NCW before the scripts were released

NCW after reading the first few episode scripts

NCW making a suggestion

NCW getting shot down

NCW during promo season not giving a fuck anymore

Wonho trying to flirt with changkyun in mandarin (and failing lol)

First they learnt how to say Noona you’re so pretty

Then wonho asked the host how to say it for a younger person lol

Wonho then turns and says it to changkyun and mispronounces it haha (ft. the slight looks of judgement from mx lol)

Then you have wonho being all cute and looking proud of himself haha. Fighter era was truly blessed yall.


Wonkyun being cute (but out of sync lol) greaseballs together~

cr: monstaro

When Tom Holland goes on Ellen he should:

heads-up dance edition
never have I ever
that game where people get dunked in the water (idr the name lol)
who’d you rather
•surprise Spider-Man fans
• be roasted by Ellen
• talk about Harrison (he does that in most of his interviews anyway, the love is real)


[Eng subbed] Run, BB Scout VR Interview

Credit: YGSINCE1996 : daesungfishh : bb_siangvips