bb i miss you where are you


“Look, I know you doubt me, I know you always have. And you’re right. I often think of Bag End. I miss my books. And my armchair. And my garden. See, that’s where I belong. That’s home. That’s why I came back, ‘cause you don’t have one. A home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can.”

Why you should always watch the opening credits at the end of the first episode while watching RWBY you don’t know what you missed

Ok Bumbleby guys and gals we know how many hints RT has given us in terms of our fav ship but they just keep giving us more that they have gone beyond the point where they can’t turn back.

First off I posted a few minutes ago about two male characters that were in an obvious relationship that look eerily like a genderbent version of bumbleby. Now I have something else to show you all that RT is playing with Bumbleby and in turn teasing us BB fans.

I don’t know about everyone and if they watch after the episode has ended but there was something there that my friend had pointed out to me that I completely missed on the first and second watch of the Episode.

Ok so here we have Ruby Rose and her Petal transition to Weiss Schnee. No this is not white rose related this is going to be about the colour of the petal transitions.

Now you see that Ruby’s transition is red as it pertains to her semblance and of course her colour association - red

Now to move on to Weiss Schnee

Her petal transition is white as after all her glyphs are white, her hair is white, her name literally translates to White Snow/Snow White in German. So of course it’s absolutely normal for her transition to be white as well

Moving on to Blake now

Once again Blake’s petal transition is of course Black as her name is Latin for Black and the fact her Faunus traits are based on a Black cat. So again it’s not that odd that her scene transition is Black petals.

Yang’s turn

Ok I know what you guys are gonna say

“Yang’s petal transition is going to be yellow right?”

Well here’s the thing. It’s yes and no.

“Wait how can it be yes and no?” You say

Have a think back to what I said earlier about bumbleby hints.

“Oh my god just show us woman!!” You all scream.

Ok you asked for it.


That’s right two. And one of the tones is black. Now why is it only Yang that gets two?

Well my speculation along with my friend that pointed it out Yang is actually questioning her sexuality. Yes she can be straight or Bisexual as she has shown an interest in men but what if that isn’t true?

This is coming from experience. When I was younger I knew I was different but didn’t dwell on it because I was simply a kid having fun. A few of my family memebers have told me that I will get married to a man one day, yet I could never really see myself with one yet society expected me, a female to be with a male. I thought I was straight until I started questioning my sexuality at 16-17 years of age. I saw girls in a more sexual light and men never really attracted me. When I came out to my parents they both said to me “no you’re not, you haven’t even had sex with a guy yet.” Of course this was at first but they have long since gave their support and love for me and my sexuality. now I keep getting asked “when are you going to get a girlfriend?” Haha.

Now back to Yang. She may have had a similar situation while growing up. Her dad being distant and Qrow being a teacher obviously meant that Ruby and Yang must have had baby sitters when they were younger. And perhaps some of them told Yang that she will grow up to be a beautiful woman who will marry a man and have a family. Therefore Yang was brought up on the mindset that she needs to be with a man. But again she could be bisexual giving her best of both worlds.

And Back to the petal transition, again only Yang has two particular colours. black and Yellow. And bumbleby, the ship, is represented by both of these colours. Therefore RT is hinting once again to bumbleby and teasing the shippers.

Now I will simply wait for the BlackSun salty hate :)

The bbs crew watching a scary movie
  • Mini: I bet there's gonna be a jump scare.... AH SHIT! I fucking knew it, I said it and I knew it and I still fucking jumped!
  • Wildcat: that stupid bitch Is gonna walk into that house and get her fucking ass push in.
  • Delirious: no, no, no, NO! WHY WOULD YOU GO IN THERE!!!
  • Vanoss: OH SHIT, DID YOU SEE THAT!? *laughs*
  • Ohm: this is fucking dumb. clearly if there was a frickin killer in your house, you would run away.
  • Moo: oooh no! *Bury's face in a pillow*
  • Bryce: no! I can't watch! *covers face*
  • basically:
  • Nah. Nah bitch. Don't do this shit to me. .... don't you fucking turn around. DONT YOU FUCKING TURN! BITCH WHY!!!?? Wow... great job, now your dead.
  • Scotty: kill them! There out in the open, just fucking kill them!!
  • Jiggly: oh you don't wanna go in there. that's where he'll rape you *laughs at himself*
  • Feel free to add in anyone I missed XD
  • Comment below who your more like
BB-8 The Matchmaker

Anon asked: hi, i love your work, youre such a great writer! id actually like to make a request where bb-8 finds out poe likes you and you like him, leading the droid to enlist every single droid on base to play matchmaker, including c-3po and r2-d2? thanks for considering it!

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Yasss, I love my spherical little droid baby!)

Plot Summary: BB-8, one of the few people, or well, droids that Poe confides in. The spherical droid rolls around giddily, until Poe makes BB-8 promise to not tell anyone. Especially you. However, when the droid overhears you, General Organa’s right-hand, about your attraction to the droid’s master. BB-8 decides to enlist C-3PO, R2-D2, as well as every cleaning, medical, and war droid to bring the two of you together.

Originally posted by emanuelsantos2

“Well, that was nice. Haven’t had a good chat in a while.” You smiled as Poe walked alongside you to your room, BB-8 rolling in between the both of you.

“Yeah, now that the Starkiller Base is destroyed, we have at least some level of peace.” Poe sighed, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he stopped in front of your room.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow?” You turned around, facing him with your tablet at your hip.

“Of course! When have I ever let you down?”

“How about when I told you not to get captured on Jakku?”

“Okay, besides that. And I’m still alive, right?” Poe gestured wildly to himself, BB-8 rolling around his feet.

You laughed, walking into your room. “Goodnight, Mr. Dameron.” And with a smile and a wave, the door was closed, leaving Poe to walk back to his own room.

BB-8 whirred at him, asking what was wrong.

“I’ll tell you later, buddy.”

As soon as Poe was inside his own room, BB-8 immediately began to beep excitedly, asking Poe why he was acting so sullen.

“Well, how do you feel about Y/N?”

The droid answered, rather keen on you. It considered you as a part of it’s surrogate family.

“So, I may or may not have… Romantic feelings for her.”

BB-8 squealed happily, circling around Poe once again before rolling towards the door.

“Wait, no!” Poe dived and caught the droid in his arms, keeping it from exiting the room.

“BB-8, you can’t tell her! I don’t even know if she even has the same feelings!”

BB-8 stopped and made a questioning beep.

“Just, wait, okay? I just want to be safe and make sure she’s interested or not.”

His droid gave him a reassuring head-tap with its own, before rolling off to its charging station and powering down.

Poe, on the other hand, lied awake in bed, thinking about you, sighing.

He turned over in his bed, trying to get a good night’s sleep.

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Sirius: James and Peter are waiting. 

Remus: Hey, you don’t have to tell me… I’ve been waiting on you- *looks up and freezes* 


Sirius: *stares for a moment* *shakes his head and coughs* … I feel like I’m missing out on a really awesome joke right now. 

Remus: You were just up there for so long… trying to find something to wear- *snorts* Merlin…

Remus: … And then you come down in that… *wheezes*

Sirius: *stares in fascination as Remus struggles to contain himself* *grins from ear to ear*  

Remus: *takes a deep breath* 

Remus: *glances down* Where… *corner of his mouth twitches* Where are your shoes?

Sirius: *shrugs casually* 

Remus: ……… 

anonymous asked:

Kasi could you do like a mini blurb continuation of Valentine woes where Harry is still hesitant to do anything too rough and you're being extra cute/ beggy and keep saying things like "please daddy? Promise you won't hurt me. Promise" while palming him and just being a tease

Please, No. 

The sex had been…vanilla for awhile. It’d taken days for you to convince Harry to even touch you again after the disaster that was Valentine’s, and when he finally did, he handled you as if you were made from glass. 

But you didn’t complain, because at least he was touching you. And as time went on, the wispy, delicate brush of his fingers became hungry grips and grasps. His kisses no longer ghosted over your lips, instead made their presence known with nips and bites as his tongue collided with and twirled against yours. 

And then one night you asked for a spank. You kneeled on the bed, bending to be on all fours. The lace of your underwear dug into your full cheeks and slowly rode up to cup you closer as you wiggled your bum for Harry. 

“Think you could make me red tonight, H?” you asked over your shoulder, biting your lip in the way you knew drove him mad. He was hesitant, you could tell, Valentine’s clearly still weighing on his heart; he never, ever had just let you tease him before without pouncing on you in seconds. But you didn’t let that stop you. “Leave me with a lil’ reminder of our time together, yeah? Something to think about while I’m on the plane home?”

His fingers were fidgeting with the pockets of his jeans, jaw strong and tight as he nervously bit his lips. It wasn’t fair for him to stand there, shirt gaping open and jeans delicious low, and not give you what you wanted. 

“M’not gonna hurt yeh again, kitten,” he breathed, the sadness and resignation coating his voice. 

“What?” you chirped in surprise, popping up to kneel on the end of the bed and face me. 

“M’not gonna hurt yeh,” he said matter-of-factly with a shrug. 



You hmph’d and jutted out your bottom lip in what you hoped was a cute, influential pout. Hands in your lap, arms not so subtly pressing your breasts together to enhance your cleavage, you willed him to change his mind. 

He didn’t; you could tell he was determined to never spank, slap, or choke you again from the stubborn set of his jaw. “But…I want you to,” you admitted, staring down at your hands. “I like the pain.”

Harry crossed to stand in front of you, bending to be at your level, his fingers stroking your cheek. “Please, no…don’t…don’t say tha’, kitten,” he whispered. You cocked an eyebrow in confusion. “Don’t like hearin’ I’ve caused yeh pain.”

You nodded, letting him know you understood. But your brain was churning out objections faster than you could speak; you couldn’t just let this die. “But, H, it’s not pain like pain pain. It’s like…it’s like, when you spank me, my whole body comes alive. And my skin is all sensitive, and I can feel you even better, even deeper.” 

He shook his head, refusing to believe, but you refused to shut up until he got it. 

“And when you tease me and take me to my breaking point…I’ve never felt a high like that. I feel like I’m soaring over mountain tops. I feel strong and powerful knowing I’m capable of feeling so intensely. And I feel vulnerable knowing that it’s only at your mercy that I can experience such feelings…which is why I trust you, H, ‘cause you bring me to my highest highs and make me feel safe while I’m there.”

“So daddy,” you purred, hands wandering down the front of his pants. “Please spank me. I promise you won’t hurt me, daddy, I promise.”

And that smug grin you’d been missing fell into place on Harry’s lips as he came closer to you and guided you up the bed. He hovered over you, your legs wrapping around his torso as his hands slid down your thighs to your bum. 

“Why don’t yeh show daddy where yeh want a spank?”

let’s take a moment to think about how twelfth night could end in an explicitly queer production, shall we?

  • lady olivia doesn’t magically transfer her affections onto sebastian after the Big Gender Reveal because twins aren’t interchangeable people
  • (incidentally i think olivia/sebastian is intentionally unconvincing. like shakespeare knows that’s not how relationships work, and if he wanted to make it convincing, he would have - he’s motherfucking william goddamn shakespeare. but he didn’t, which leads me to believe that the halfassed no homo ending was for external societal reasons, not because the characters aren’t all at least a lil homo)
  • after the Reveal, viola expects olivia to, like, back off, since, y’know, they’re both ladies now
  • except olivia is like nah m8 you’re still hella fine and i’m still attracted to you
  • and orsino. orsino is all “whew! for a second there i thought it was gettin kinda gay up in here. thank god you’re not a dude. thank god i’m still straight. lol”
  • and viola awkwardly bites their lip and is all “…well. you’re not ..wrong?”
  • because the thing is she was really fucking comfortable dressing and acting and for all intents and purposes being a dude. and like don’t get her wrong, it’s a relief to go back to being a woman - but that’s mostly because like trickery and deceit and fretting over whether she’ll be found out, really. but there were some parts of being a girl that she missed? and she wasn’t uncomfortable being a girl either?
  • and long story short they mihgt be kind of sort of genderfluid they think?
  • and they explain this and olivia is all hella supportive (”whatever you feel is best for you bb”) and orsino kinda nods along and makes a note to go do research later
  • and but where does this leave the ~relationships~
  • “and i don’t know i’m just kind of really confused right now and i really care about both of you and can i have some time to figure out what’s going on and what i want?” and yeah, alright
  • and while vi is off having gender feelings, olivia and orsino kinda get to know each other for real
  • and olivia finds out that he’s not as annoying as she thought and he’s actually a pretty cool person
  • and orsino learns how to see her as an actual person instead of this romanticized ideal he’s built up in his head (a la q in paper towns)
  • and by the end of the play, their hesitantly polyamorous love triangle is a full-on triad and vi is firmly genderfluid 
  • and explicitly queer productions of twelfth night, y’all
peter parker x reader

A Meeting for the History Books

okay so this is my first time writing these little blurbs. i started writing this outta nowhere and the words just kinda *came*. sooo, have fun? I really hope you guys like it, and if you have any tips or some helpful criticism, feel free to message me! okay i’m gonna shut up now, andddd enjoy! (also, pls message me if you want me to continue this! not like a multi chapter fic but like another story that follows this one on a timeline)

prompt: how did you and peter meet?

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What message did Beatrice fail to deliver to Lemony?

Lemony Snicket’s break-up with Beatrice Baudelaire is intrinsically wrought to another problem: his incapacity to communicate with her, along with his pressing need to impart her with an important message. He is, indeed, forbidden by Jacques to attempt any sort of contact with Beatrice. Lemony, however, braves this interdiction no less than three times:

  • Beatrice aks Lemony in her famous 200-pages break-up letter whether he read a coded sonnet she sent him one night. In his response, he admits he never got this message and aks her whether she thinks her co-star is a traitor. Because he had to flee the country, Lemony never got a response to either answer and it is possible his letter was never even delivered.
  • Lemony tries to communicate important communication in her congratulation letter prior to Violet’s birth, but the telegram gets cut before he can dive into this sensitive topic.
  • Lemony endeavours to inform Beatrice of something regarding Olaf at the Duchess of Winnipeg’s ball.

The question is doubly folded: what did Beatrice fail to say to Lemony before he left the country, and what did Lemony fail to tell Beatrice before she died? Are these two problems related? More on that after the cut.

NOTE TO READERS: The following essay assumes Bertrand Baudelaire was Beatrice’s co-star. We recommand you read the theory related the co-star before diving into this one.

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You know what I miss most on the days when I don’t see you? Kisses. Not the passionate, heart-stoping kisses but the ones where you randomly come up to me and gently kiss my forehead. I miss the quick series of kisses when I go to hug you. I miss the small, everyday kisses that show me how much you care.
—  Letters to you (7-29-2015)

anonymous asked:

Ever considered reviving humble beginnings? Also how would you have written the bank heist? (I'm really missing some good old fics and would have loved if you had completed it. Not that your other fics weren't amazing though, your fic just made me watch all the youtubes)

Sorry, but that fic is as good as dead. I stopped enjoying that pairing years ago, and any intent I had in finishing that fic died with it. I’m also not really interested in writing bbs fics in general rn either, sorry pal <3

I don’t really remember where I was going with the plot of that fic honestly? I was bad at making notes/planning out fics back then and relied too much on my memory, so now I have no clue what I was planning. 

I’m feeling generous and nostalgic today, so I’ll try and recount everything I do remember (including some events that were to occur before the bank heist) as best as I can below the cut, and hopefully that’ll fill in the void somewhat and give some closure? 

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Imagine Request - Unfortunate Events

Pls do an imagine where y/n has a miscarriage and she won’t talk to Justin. ‘squad’ come round for a sleepover to check whether she’s alright and support her but she won’t eat or talk . Thanks bbs ❤️❤️.

“Baby, do you want anything to eat yet?” Justin spoke quietly to you as you sat on the couch, staring at nothing in particular.

“[Y/N], please. Just say something. I miss your voice, I miss your smile, I miss you being happy.” He strained as he stood at the side of the couch, hoping something would leave your mouth.

You wanted to talk, but you were worried that if you opened it, you’d either throw up your empty stomach, or you’d let out all the sobs and tears you’d been holding in the past few days.

You heard him sigh deeply and walk back into the kitchen. You didn’t falter as you heard him shut the door behind him. You hadn’t even thought about how this was affecting Justin, it was his baby too and he had every right to be in the same state as you but he seemed to be acting as the strongest one between you both.

Hearing the front door open and close a few second later, you once again, didn’t move. You wanted to, you wanted to be okay and happy and you knew you probably would be soon, but right now, it didn’t feel right.

“Hey, [Y/N].” You heard many ‘hellos’ from you guessed, Hailey, Kendall, Khalil and Za. You didn’t speak, you just looked down at your hands.

Hearing another door open, you guessed Justin had heard them and come to greet them.

“Hey, guys.” Justin sighed once again.

“How is she?” You heard Hailey ask as they gathered behind you as you sat crosslegged on the couch.

“She’s still not talking or eating. I’m scared.” Your heart cracked as you heard Justin’s voice break quietly.

“Justin, it’s gonna be okay. She’s just spent the last few months carrying a baby only to find out she won’t be having one anymore, it’s got to be hard for her. She just needs time.” You heard Hailey say, causing tears to build up in your eyes and fall down your cheeks, you choked on your sob, causing everyone to go quiet.

Kendall and Hailey ran over to you and wrapping their arms around you.

“It’s going to be okay, [Y/N].” Hailey whispered to you. “Justin, get your ass over here and hug her.”

Justin running to you, he kneeled down in front of you and pulled you into him, his head resting on your head.

“Just let it out, babygirl.” He whispered, his heart pained as he watched you break down. “I’m so sorry.” His voice broke once again.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, accepting his affection. Now that you thought about it, you and Justin hadn’t had a moment where you showed your emotion towards the whole situation. You hadn’t cried together and got your thoughts out like you should have, maybe this was what you needed; someone who understood.

“I know it hurts, believe me. I don’t know why this happened to us, but we have to take it and let it make us stronger.” He encouraged and attempted to make you feel better as you as you cried in his arms.

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How about something more positive. 10 or more sweetest people in the tag?

@lickeyrogers-wong, the inventor of blogging big brother, is so sweet and just hilarious. Posts and opinions are always beyond on point, and always makes everyone he talks to feel included. A true tag icon.

@@dumbeatrees , aside from being an academic legend, is hilarious and super nice. Her posts always kill me and I love seeing you on my dash. 

@spunkyspy , has been and continues to be one of my absolute fave bb blogs ever, you’re just hilarious and always so nice, I can’t imagine scrolling past of your posts and not liking it lmao.

@feelsg0od , a honest queen! I always love reblogging her opinions and reading the tea that she comes to spill on the tag. A true follow forever.

@dayslostson is so funny and friendly! Knows when to drag and when to be kind and I love your blog

@ikon-wong GIRL where are you, I can’t talk lmao because I’ve been missing as well but I miss seeing your posts. The tag is in need of a good dragging session. 

@bblunatic Queen of posting videos. You’re still going down in history for that Karen prank video blowing up during bbcan5 asldkkldl

@brookecamhi , single handedly made me care about the Amazing race, even though you’re not keeping up with the season too much, you always drop in to post something iconic. 

@davonneday the sweeetest, I should’ve been following you longer, your blog is a gem

@muvaship I love your blog and posts! We don’t talk really but just know I appreciate seeing you on my feed 

@tlffanypollard we’ve never talked but I had to add you for being such an iconic blog. Your content, both bb and non-bb are great!  

averysmallkitten  asked:

(could you share some of your poly!bbs headcanons? i am poly trash who wants to know what you think)

Bless your soul for this ask. I finally have a excuse to write this shit down.

If anyone wants to reblog this and add on, feel free to. I may edit this myself, time to time. If I think/see something new that I agree with.

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anonymous asked:

"Salut bébé!! Hope your studies are going well! Just wanted to tell ya, I've recently met the lad you love, Louis. I thanked him for helping you come out to us. He's a funny boy and very sweet. Also got a whole lotta gay vibes from him. He told me to tell you that he's proud of u & to continue being proud &loud. He also said he hope you like his new song. Link me? I love you and miss you! See you soon." LISA MY DAD JUST EMAILED ME THIS AND IM A DEAD FUCKING BEAN (he won't tell where)+

(part 2) he won’t tell me where tho cause he said it’s an invasion of privacy which I completely respect. Also my dad is gay (I suffered from ppl thinking my dad is a bad influence bc of the school I went to. I’m a lesbian bb to a proud Gay dad !! (my mom (rip) & him were bffs & they wanted a baby so like hii, it’s meee lol) anyway my dad is gay and he sniffs fellow gays like a doggo. Lol, when I called him he said he’s wholeheartedly gay, bebe) I’m so happy, confused JEALOUS. ❤️ Ahaha


Worst Mission: Hutt Edition

A/N: this is for the anon who requested: “i was wondering if you could do a poe dameron imagine where reader has been captured and made a sultry slave (complete with outfit) by a hutt or crime lord or something and poe has to go rescue her, complete with fluff at the end and all that sweet stuff please?” I had a lot of fun writing this one, I hope you like it!

Pairing: Poe x reader

Warning: none

All you’d wanted was for one mission to go right. One single mission. And you’d been on a few. It wasn’t an unfounded request. Despite understanding that you were in the midst of a war—the kind of situation where nothing is certain—that didn’t make a 100% successful mission impossible.

Or that’s what you’d hoped when this all began.

On your second solo mission, however, you were caught. It wasn’t you fault entirely of course. Mistakes happen. Intelligence sometimes mucks up their info. Nothing is certain.

What was certain, however, was that you were currently stuck in one of the most uncomfortable positions you’d ever been in your life. Stuck to the side of a Hutt—you hadn’t bothered to learn his name—in the most revealing outfit your eyes had ever laid upon.

You had to admit that this ranked pretty high up on the list of worst missions you’d ever been sent on.

Besides the obvious disgust you felt having to spend your whole day next to a hutt, the dozens of pairs of eyes you could feel roaming your body did nothing to alleviate the anxiety of being chained up like an animal.

It had been a good four days since your capture, and so far it didn’t seem like anyone was coming to rescue you. Perhaps the rebellion had forgotten about you. Certainly they had bigger problems than going after one person. You told yourself that was a lie. You’d devoted the last seven years of your life to the cause, they wouldn’t just leave you behind. You had to hope that they’d received your distress signal. You had to hope that they could follow the trail to your whereabouts and get you out of this poor excuse for a cantina and back home.

And in actual clothes.

You resigned yourself to sitting on the steps of the hutt’s “throne”, watching as alien after human after alien tried to get the hutt to name a price so they could buy you off him. It almost made you sick to your stomach. All you wanted to do was walk up to each of them and punch their lights out, that giant slug in particular.

You felt something nudge your foot, just barely able to hear the whirring of a droid over the din of the cantina. You waved it off without even a glance, not in the mood to deal with it. It nudged you again, much harder than the time before. You yelped and snapped your head in its direction to scold the thing before almost choking on your spit.

You couldn’t believe it.

BB-8!?” You swung your head around, making sure the hutt was preoccupied before leaning down to press a kiss to the droid’s ‘head’. “What are you doing here?”

BB-8 let out a string of beeps and whistles in response and you scanned the crowd, looking for the familiar head of dark curls that belonged to Poe.

“You two aren’t here alone, are you?”

Before BB-8 had a chance to say anything, the hutt let out a loud groan followed by a slew of words you couldn’t understand. He tugged on the chain violently and you slammed right into his leathery, slimy side. As soon as you pushed away from the horrid creature, you found BB-8 who looked at you before letting out an encouraging hum and rolled off into the crowd.

Despite the circumstances, you allowed yourself to smile, knowing that they were here to take you back home. And wherever BB-8 was, you could bet your last dollar that Poe was right behind it.

It took another stiflingly long hour before three figures approached the hutts throne, all dressed in long, flowing robes, their faces covered. You narrowed your eyes at the figures in suspicion before sitting back in exchange. One of them, a woman, could speak hutt and acted as their interpreter.

You barely caught on to the words spoken by the figure in the middle, but you caught them alright. You could recognize that voice anywhere. It was Poe.

“How much?”

The hutt tilted his giant, lumbering head and blinked slowly at the offer before letting out a boisterous laugh. It took a few moments for the oversized slug to catch his breath before giving his answer.

“How much do you have?” The interpreter turned to Poe, waiting patiently. Poe turned to look at you, seemingly pondering the right price to name. You stared back, trying to convey just how much you wanted out.

He turned his attention to the hutt and without a moment’s notice, gave the creature his answer.

“50,000 creds.”

The entire cantina stopped. From the musicians to the cretins who had tried to buy you earlier, everyone in the cantina stared. It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.

The interpreter told the hutt the amount, albeit hesitantly. The hutt turned to you, eyes roaming your body and making your skin crawl.

“There’s a catch, though.” Poe said, the hutt’s attention back on him with a low rumble in his chest. “I’ll give you ten upfront, but you’ll get the other forty after we’re off planet.”

The hutt let out a laugh so loud, it shook the platform you sat on. A moment later, much of the cantina was laughing in tandem with their crime lord. The interpreter turned to Poe.

“He wants to know if you think he’s stupid.”

“No,” Poe chuckled before exposing the blaster rifle hidden beneath his robe. “I don’t think you are.”

It was a safe bet to assume that the other two were just as heavily armed, if not more. The hutt was silenced immediately, his beady eyes running over the three rebels wearily.

“So, what’ll it be?” Poe asked, hands raised in question. “Deal or no deal?”

The hutt watched him for a moment before his eyes slipped back to you. You glared at him, trying to pour every ounce of anger you felt into one look. The hutt yanked on the chain again and you stumbled over to him as he let out a ferocious yell. In a moment, the cantina descended into chaos.

You hit the deck, blaster fire flying over your head. You could hear Poe and the others yelling over the fight, bodies dropping to the floor with dull thuds and screaming coming from the unarmed patrons who wanted nothing to do with the fight.

The hutt started moving, tugging you along with him but you scrambled to get up and dug your heels into the ground, pulling back as hard as you could. It wasn’t of much use, however, as he was much larger than you were. You were becoming desperate, you didn’t want this thing to take you away when you were so close to being rescued.

All of a sudden, you saw a flash of orange out of the corner of your eye. It took BB-8 a matter of seconds before sawing straight through the chain that attached you to the hutt. You quickly thanked the droid before stooping down to pick up a blaster pistol that had been left on the ground and aimed at the hutt.

“Looks like your slave days are over, you giant slug.”

Before the alien could get out another word, you pulled the trigger. He gasped, trying to suck in any air that he could—his last breath—before slumping over into a giant, fleshy mess.

In an instant, Poe, who had taken off the robe and mask by now, ran up to you and clutched your hand in his before pulling you away. BB-8 and the other two were hot on your heels, the rebels offering support as blaster fire nearly missed the side of your head.

When you made it outside, it seemed as if no one was following. Thankfully. The four of you stopped to catch your breath, and before you knew it, Poe was outright laughing.

“And just what part of this whole fiasco is so funny to you?” You placed your hands on your hips and stared him down, the other two looking on amusedly. “Oh, I know, it must have been the part where I was captured and forced to live the last four days of my life tied to one of the vilest creatures in the entire galaxy!”

“(Y/N), only this kind of crap can happen to you,” Poe chuckled, wiping the tears from his eyes. He stepped in closer to you, grinning like an idiot. “But I am glad I was here to save the day.”

He shrugged off his jacket and placed it around your shoulders before embracing you and pressing his lips to your temple.

“I’m glad you’re safe.”

You returned the hug and nuzzled into his neck.

“Me too.”

For a few moments, the two of you stayed like that. The other two rebels walked off to the airship they’d arrived in, BB-8 whirring along happily in step with them. You were glad to be able to take these few minutes to just hold him and be held, relishing the safety and warmth of his arms wrapped around you.

The silence was broken when he cleared his throat.

“So, uh, do you think you’ll keep the outfit?”

You had to force yourself not to roll your eyes, though the corner of your lips turned up. You brought your head back so you could look at him fully.


Poe’s brows shot up to his hairline.


“Oh, yeah.” You kissed his jaw before escaping from his embrace and making your way over to the airship. You looked over your shoulder at him, smirk fully realized. “You can wear it whenever you want.”

With a laugh, he sprinted over to you and poked at your sides. You yelped as he ran past you and jogged to catch up.

Maker, were you happy to be back.