bb got bit by a squirrel


As a kid/currently in the au lol
she paints her prosthetic legs and doesn’t sleep so great. Giant asshole squirrels will do that to you :T
There was a bit of a misadventure (she and Xhuuya had a fight….again) and she ran off and got her leg bitten off and just really roughed up in general by Ratatosk who is apparently not a fan of Huginn soooo

Closed rp


A quiet neighborhood, Jesse noted. It seemed spaced out enough to have room to play, and shoot cans with a BB gun, though he already got yelled at by a neighbor for ‘accidently’ shooting a squirrel out of the tree after taking a bit of Jesse’s snack.

His father, whom he lives with after his mother ran off, had taken the only source of entertainment away for a short span, calling it a 'grounding’ though he wouldnt be home to much to enact the grounding. But as for right now, while his father was still hawk-eying him, Jesse was clueless.

He laid in the grass, looking up to the summer sky pulling the threads of green from the ground like it was a new feeling. Growing up in new mexico, near the desert, there wasnt much to do but 4-wheel in the sand and shoot off fireworks every now and again when his family would let him. But now, having most of his sources of entertainment taken from him, no, RIPPED, from him when they moved, Jesse was spiteful and cold. It felt like him and his father were against the world, until he heard kids playing.

Jesse perked up, tilting his replica stetson back to see where the noise was coming from, and with eyes landing on a park down the road, Jesse looked back at the quiet, white house behind him to see if his father was watching, and booked it down the road.

The play ground was much larger than he had expected, and busy too. Jesse ran for the obstacle course, and skidded to a stop when he accidently ran into another kid.

“Woah! Sorry there!”