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Calling all trans people!

You wanna see some good fucking representation?

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American Horror Story Hotel. I’m fucking serious.

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You see this gal?

This Gal ain’t like the other gals™. She’s trans.


Even tho it’s portrayed by a cis male actor, a.) it’s in keeping with the recycling of cast with different stories each series b.) they already use two transgender actors to play either cis/ trans characters c.) it’s SO respectfully done it feels like a fucking gift from cis people straight to the hearts of its trans fans.

But I digress. 


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None of this ‘I’m trans so I have to present as stereotypically as possible to conform to societal expectations’ BULLSHIT. 

Nah Nah Nah

This girl is who she is, her gender identity is female and her gender expression is fucking FABULOUS. She has her own style and interpretation of what it means to be a woman and it’s fucking FANTASTIC.

Key lines:

“And I have a floppy appendage between my legs which means I can’t wear pencil skirts”

She is not afraid of who she is. She is not ashamed of who she is. She knows she’s trans. She knows other people can ‘tell’. She dgAF.

Liz. Fucking. Taylor.

And YEAH she has a ‘coming out’ backstory. 


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This incredibly sympathetic (and currently upset) character get’s comforted by the Goddess we have seen above. (Note the word ‘Goddess’).

She apologises for not having spoken to Liz for the last 20 years bc ‘all she sees is questions’ and she doesn’t want to offend. SOUND LIKE ANY CIS PEOPLE YOU KNOW??? (Tell them to watch this it’ll explain everything)

Key lines:

“I’m not homophobic.”

Liz: “I’m not gay.” (She likes dudes.)

So they show her backstory- trying on dresses for the first time and your heart will break for her to see her so happy prancing around her room. But this isn’t your average Trans Backstory™, you know why?

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They wheel her in- snooping on our girl, scaring the shit ouster her and Liz, she’s terrified. She’s been caught. She’s expecting transphobia to Tear Her Ass Apart.. Then this happens.




She repeatedly tells Liz (Also names her- ‘MY BB’ you will cry) that she’s a Goddess repeatedly, and helps our home girl get lit, get fabulous and go get what she deserves.

Is there the classic ‘transphobic men being crude and homophobic and transphobic and abusive’ trope?

Yeah :((((…

SYKE! It’s only for ten seconds and then you know what happens to those douchebags????

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Yeah I guess that’s cool lmao but does she get a healthy relationship”


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Now- OK that boy is a DICKKKKKK. But not to her. Never to her. He head over heels in puppy love with our gal.

And she’s in love with him. And they are adorable and happy and… well, no spoilers.

Key lines:

‘Y’know, ‘cos I’m not gay or anything….” (I wondered why this character kept affirming that he was straight earlier in the series)

Liz: “You’re not gay when you’re with me. I’m a girl. A hetero girl”

YES AHS spoon-feed the cis audience members! Fucking acknowledge the struggles of trans folk and have happy endings for them! Fuckign DO IT.

No spoilers for later in the series, and this only touches on HALF the things that are awesome about this character (the trans thing is a plot line maybe twice? The rest of it is all her)

But do you need more reasons?

No I’m not, trans folk. Go check it out.

Delirious' Ratty Catty vid

I melted just a little on the inside at 27:04 when he saw that picture of the owls saying ‘Owl always love you’ and showed it to Evan. But the way I so badly wanted it to happen was this: 

 Delirious: Hey Evan! 

 Vanoss: What? 

 Delirious: 'Owl always love you’ ;) 

 Vanoss: *stutters* w-what? 

 Delirious: *laughs* 

 Such a missed opportunity I wOULD HAVE DIED.


Sketches I’ve been meaning to post, mostly Mini but also some Ohm and Veronica from Heathers! 

 [✨please don’t repost✨]

All He Knew - Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt - ‘you broke into my apartment drunk thinking it was your friend’s and i should call the cops but my cat kinda likes you so we’re good’ (I changed it a bit but w/e)
Word Count- 1186
Warnings - nothing, not even a swear im proud of me
Notes- happy valentines day!! hope you all have(/had) a good day whether you’ve got someone or if (like me) you don’t. (and if you don’t, ill be your valentine bb don’t worry❤️) hope you enjoy this lil imagine


Long story short, he had no idea what to do.

Admittedly, it wasn’t something that anyone would plan for it to happen. What were you meant to say? Lin had no idea. All he knew was that there was a drunk girl kneeled at the front door of his apartment, gently stroking his dog.

His mind raced with questions. Should he approach the girl? Does the girl even know that he’s there? Why is the girl even in the apartment? Every question led to a new one and it was only so long before he had to clear his throat for her attention.

“Um…” He said as the girl’s head snapped towards him in confusion. “Hello? Um- could I- uh- ask why you happen to be in my apartment at 3am on a Saturday night?”
There was still no recognition in the girl’s eyes. “Your apartment?” she repeated.
“Uh, yeah. I live here?” Lin replied, trying to keep his tone as calm as possible.
She frowned, clearly confused. “Are you sure?” she asked him.
Lin paused. How was he meant to answer that question? “Yeah, pretty sure. I mean, I used my key to get in.” His eyes narrowed slightly as he realised another truth. “Speaking of which… How did you get in?”
Her head tilted sideways slightly, almost as if she were mimicking the dog still perched in front of her, before gesturing wildly behind her. “The front door.” She answered simply.
Lin mentally cursed himself. Obviously, he forgot to lock the door before he went to bed. He’d have to somehow remind himself in the future, as if he didn’t have other stuff on his mind.

He returned his focus back to the girl, who had since switched back her attention to the dog. He coughed once more to reclaim her awareness.
“Listen…” He said, pinching his nose in frustration. He had so been looking forward to his sleep. “Do you want to just sleep here tonight? I can give you some painkillers and water for the morning and then I can make sure you get back home safely in the morning.” He was expecting a simple ‘yes, thanks’ yet all he got was a vacant stare and a comment from the girl saying that her friend might be waiting for her at their place.
“Your friend will probably be more grateful if you don’t go knocking on their door at three in the morning.” He stopped her.
She stopped and looked at him for a moment before nodding, as though she were a nothing less than a small child. “You’re right. Thank you. Although, I don’t think you need to worry about the home in the morning thing seeing as I probably don’t have one anymore!”
She said it almost gleefully, hysterical from the thought. Lin’s ears perked up, curious as to though why the girl seemingly had no home to go to yet he knew that he should wait until she was sober to find out. If she wanted to tell him in the first place, that was.

“What’s your name?” He asked her, realizing he probably should have done so earlier.
“(Y/N).” She replied surely.
“(Y/N).” He repeated. “Okay. Got it. I’m Lin, by the way.”
“Lin,” she mimicked him by also repeating his name. “I like that. It’s interesting. Different.”
To his surprise, Lin felt himself blush. “Um, thank you? I could say the same about you.”
She giggled. He raised his eyebrows, amused, but asked no more questions.

He led her through his apartment, stopping in front of his bedroom door and gesturing for her to enter in. He gazed longingly at his bed. He’d been so comfy and he was so close to sleep. It would have been a relief after a long two show day. Shaking his head, he turned back to the girl.
“Stay here.” He told her. “Feel free to change into comfier clothes than what your wearing. I’ll get you some water for now and some aspirin for you to take when you wake up, okay?” She only nodded in understanding.

He made his way towards his kitchen and grabbed a glass from the cupboard above the kitchen sink. Filling it up, he placed it back down on a counter and reached into a new cupboard for the aspirin he had placed in there. He suddenly felt two things. One: his shirt riding up slightly from where he’d stretched up, and two: a presence behind him. He turned quickly to find (Y/N) standing there again.
“I thought I told you to stay in the bedroom?” He asked her.
“You left.” She shrugged. “Also, I really like your dog.” He pointed to the mutt now circling her legs in appreciation.
Lin involuntarily chuckled. He couldn’t help but be amused by the friendship forming between his beloved pet and the girl who had disrupted him from his slumber, something he was beginning to not miss as much. “Her name’s Tobillo.” he told her. “Found her on a beach in the Dominican Republic a little while back.” He recalled the memory fondly. “It’s Spanish for ankle,” he hastily added, as though the meaning of his dog’s name was important. (Y/N)’s eyebrow quirked up but smiled as she pet the dog slightly before straightening back up so that she stood tall, level with Lin’s height.
“She’s cute. I like dogs.” she said earnestly, looking Lin straight in the eye.
“I can tell,” he chuckled. “Now, drink this,” he passed her the full cup of water positioned on the counter to his side. She gulped it down and he nodded in acceptance. “Okay, follow me,” he walked back towards his bedroom and she did what he said.

“You can sleep in my bed.” He told her as they approached the object. It was already looking slightly slept in but he was sure that it didn’t really matter to her. “I’ll take the couch. You look like you need a proper bed tonight than I do.” He said it almost reluctantly, but he knew that it would only be for one night. One cold night. Spent on a couch. He sighed slightly as he watched the girl climb in without hesitation or resentment. He grabbed a bundle of blankets that were safely stored on the upper part of his wardrobe and positioned them under his armpit.

He checked once again to see if the girl was okay, only to realise that she was already pretty much fast asleep on his pillow. He let out a small breathy laugh at the sight of her before turning around to his couch in the living room.

He didn’t know why he seemed to have an interest in the girl forming. After all, she had disrupted his sleep and would be contributing to the cause of him having an aching back from sleeping on the couch. Yet he still felt intrigued. It could have been for any reason.
All he knew was that (Y/N) was the last though on his mind that night as he finally fell asleep.

Worried Albert Headcanon

- okay so this boy. he loves you

-he loves you so much he would spend all of his money on you if it made you happy
- but ofc you’re not like that
- at all
- so when you two met he was actually like some tough shit
- he wanted to impress you, but it’s been so long since he’s fallen for a girl for more than her looks, he just kind of *sigh*
- so he would meet you in front of a bakery every day 
- you both would tell each other everything
- future, past, present, but your parents hadn’t come into the picture yet
- and his had
- but he didn’t mind all that much seeing as you do mention them, but just barely
- “yeah my mom works in a clothing factory”
- “my brother is a really good cook”
- just small things to mention them
- anyways
-you’re always with the boys at the lodge when they’re done with work
- albert always walks you home, sometimes bringing someone else just in case
- or bc he doesn’t want to be lonely on his walk back
- so he has never met your family
- and you’re completely against the idea of him ever meeting them
- he doesn’t understand why but he respects it
- until one day
- none of the boys had seen you all day, which has never happened
- if you weren’t going to be there, you’d tell someone
- no matter who it was
-so albert was rlly worried
- he was pacing, coming up with horrible scenarios in his head, everything
- but then the door slammed open
- and everyone was like ‘what the fuck’ but they saw it was you
- al almost died when he saw you 
- you had a bloody nose, a handprint wrapping around your throat, a cut on your eyebrow, and small cuts all over your arms.
- his heart stopped
- bc who the hell did this to my bb girl
- and you ran to him
- and he held you in his arms for the longest, trying not to hurt you
- you were sobbing and apologizing and a mess as he led you to his bed and sat down with you in his arms
- usually albert didn’t show his feelings
-he never really had a reason to be anything but mad or happy
- but that night he cried with you
- ofc you knew he was crying
- but you couldn’t say anything seeing as you were crying and apologizing for not telling him sooner
- “baby, who did this?”
- “my father”
- he got so fcking emotional after you said that
- he just wants you to be happy and this entire time you were hurting
- “i’m sorry i couldn’t help you”
- “i didn’t even tell you till now. just lay with me, yeah?”
- and then he just holds you tightly to him
- he just wants you to feel safe and comfortable
- you don’t even care about the blood on your face, you just want to be with albert and enjoy time with him before you have to go back to your house tomorrow
- but the boys refuse to let you go back after albert told them what happened
- at least it’ll give you more time with albert / wink wink


hope you enjoyed ! - b


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  I’ve just found your Kingsman imagines. Love em’. Prompt : Being Tequilas little sister and being obsessed with super spies without realising he is one.


The two of you sit on the couch and watch TV. Well, sit is an understatement – Channing is almost asleep and you’re hanging on a thread of the sofa, grasping its edges as you lean closer and closer to the screen. Your favorite cartoon, ‘Totally Spies’, is airing totally new episodes and you are ecstatic. You love spies, you love secret agents and your room is littered with merchandise. When you grow up you want to be a super spy, just like Sam, because she is smart and green is your favorite color. Alex is super cool too, but yellow looks icky on you and all Clover talks about are boys, who are totally gross!

Except your brother, of course. He’s not that bad. As your thoughts drift away from the cartoon, you glance at Channing. He sits with one eye open, looking tired, but why you have no idea. You nudge him softly, and by softly I mean you straight up punch his shoulder with strength that a 9 year old girl shouldn’t have. He jerks and hisses and lastly grins at you. Yeah, Channing is pretty alright. The rest of the boys at school are terrible though, and they always point fun at your ‘Totally Spies’ book bag and t-shirt and pencil case…

“Ya hungry, (Name)?” Your brother inquires. You shake your head.

“Nah, but if you’re asking then you sure are.”

He nods, impressed, “Clever girl.” And patting you on the head he stands up and stumbles to the kitchen. You smile at his retreating back, and then get back to watching your TV show. Clover just dropkicked some annoying boy. Go girl! You wish you could do that, but your legs are way too short. Channing can dropkick. You once saw a man show up with a bb-gun to your door, most likely to play cops and robbers, and your big brother had kicked him so far you’re not sure what happened to that poor fella, but he never showed up again. Speaking of which, Channing knows cool tricks with the lasso, too…Suddenly, it dawns onto you.

“Channing!” You call him.

“Yeah?” He calls back.

“Ya know, you’d make a great spy!”

requests are open!

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Can I ask for an asylum au for ohmtoonz please?

Chains jinggled. Luke couldn’t get comfortable. His straight jacket was too tight and the collar choked him. 

He sang the same song everyday. That sent chills down Ryans back.

“Every night you stay.
I’ll be watching  you.”

The same. Song. Being sang was annoying. 

Ryan heard Luke singing through the door as he pushed it open and takes his place on the chair.

“Still singing the same song..?”

Luke smirks as he jerks forward. The only thing holding him back was that chain. “I sing it for you baby~” 

Ryan shakes his head as he writes stuff down, “Did you sleep well?” Ryan ask and Luke leans back. Shaking his head as his nose twitches. “I’d sleep better if you slept with me~” 

Ryan rolls his eyes. “can you itch my nose? It has been itching the last five minutes.”

Ryan sighs as he sets down his clipboard and walks over. He bends down to Luke’s level and he scratches his nose. Luke smirks as he bites in Ryan’s direction making him jerk back. “Be nice Luke!”

Luke pouts as he leans so close that their noses were almost touching. The only thing keeping that distance was the chain holding him back. 

Ryan felt Luke’s breath on his face. 

“Come closer Ryan~ Come onnnn”

Luke whines as he wiggles around uncomfortable. “Come on!!!! These are really tight.”

Ryan just stands up walking back to his chair as his heart rate tries to calm down. Every time Luke messed with him it made him want more. It made him want to loosen the jacket. It made him wanna let him out. It made him wanna move closer when asked. 

He writes down and then pulls out medicine. “H-.. here take your medicine Luke.” He walks back up to Luke and gives him his medicine. 

Luke just stares Ryan straight in the eyes as he takes his medicine. “Ryan.. Please. Let me out. I wanna run my fucking hands in your hair and do so many bad things to that body of yours.”

Ryan chokes at that as he sits that small distance away from Luke. His face ignites as he backs away. “You look so perfect when you get embarrassed Ryan~” 

Ryan felt himself get closer to Luke. Luke was eating it up as he leans forward. Ryan was too close. Luke’s nose was touching Ryan’s and Ryan felt his breath. Ryan breathed heavily as he closed his eyes.

“Get closer Ryan~” 

Ryan listens as he leaned closer and Luke closed the distance. Ryan ran his hands through Luke’s hair. Luke hated that he couldn’t touch Ryan. That he couldn’t rip him out of those damn clothes. 

Ryan then pulls away and Luke groans as he tries to lean back but the chain kept him back. 

“Please… Let me out of this baby and I will show you a fun time~” 

Ryan wanted to so badly. Ryan wanted to loosen it just enough that he could get out. Ryan wanted to show Luke his dark side and rip him out of that straight jacket and show him who is boss. 

He doesn’t wanna get fired though. Ryan was still close enough that he felt Luke’s breath as it hit his neck. “Ryan~ Fuck me up.”

Ryan’s breath caught in his throat as he kisses Luke’s neck making Luke groan. Then Ryan loosened his collar and unbuckled his straight jacket just enough that Luke ripped out and he pinned Ryan down to the ground. 

“It feels so nice to touch you..”

Ryan kisses Luke and then pins him down but Luke growls at that as he shoves him back down and ripped Ryan suit off. “Luke…”

Luke kisses down Ryan’s jaw and neck leading kisses down further and further. Ryan had to pinch himself to make sure this wasn’t a dream. He was so fired..

Ryan then pushes Luke off. Luke pulls Ryan closer by the collar of his suit. “Oh Ryan~ You have no idea how long I have dreamed of doing this.”

“I.. I gotta go Luke..” 

Luke sighs annoyed, “Come on just go back late… I can show you a hell of a time~”

Ryan so badly wanted to say yes but he buckles Luke back up a little more harshly then normal. “I can feel the lust in how you tie me up.. I love it.. You want it too~”

Ryan puts Luke’s collar on and then he stands up. 

Every move you make
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you”
Luke sings as Ryan fixes his suit and leaves.

Ryan walks to the bathroom to fix himself up and sees the other workers, Brian, and David. 

“Holy shit what happened to you Ryan.. You look like you had a fun time~”

“Who is the lucky girl?”

“Wait.. Why did you come out of Luke’s cell like that?”

“Ryan what the fock did you do?”

I fucked up but it was so fucking worth it.

My sun and my stars.

Wanda x Stark! Reader.

Based on Meu sol – Vanguart
A/N: it’s sucks, i know
If you don’t like, I’ll give another shot
Gif not mine

The screams of the younger stark echoed thought the tower wakening Wanda from her slumber.  Maximoff have learned to recognize her screams after the first weeks.


She had been haunted by nightmares involving H.Y.D.R.A since she was kidnapped and experiment months ago, every night the dreams seem to get worse and worse, and Wanda knows that Y/N wasn’t getting any sleep on the last days.

- y/n? can I come in?

- W-Wanda.

It broke Wanda’s heart see which state y/n was, her eyes are red and puffy from crying, she was shaking and covered on sweat.

-I can’t sleep, every time I close my eyes I see them, I can feel the needles and they voices – told y/n hugging her knees.

- I’m here, you´re safe – Wanda just want to take care of her.

- Don’t let me go – added her.

- I won’t.

It becoming a thing between them, every night Wanda would slip in y/n room and they would cuddle until both fall sleep. When Wanda was on mission’s y/n used to sleep hugging her t-shirt, it calms her down, making her feel close to the younger Maximoff even if she wasn’t on the tower.

When Wanda was back from missions she would come almost running to y/n arms, she become used to feel y/n body close to hers during the night, she likes to feel her soft breathing, and her soft skin against hers.

-I’m back-  told Wanda entering y/n’s rooms

- WANDA – screamed y/n running on her direction

- I missed you – added her.

- I missed you too

- I was afraid that some could happen with you – confess y/n looking on Wanda’s eyes

- I’m here now – told Maximoff kissing y/n’ s hands.

– I-I have to tell you something – continued y/n’s looking to her feet’s.

- What happened? – she asked

- I-I-I-I love you – confess y/n

- Y/n… i..

- Don’t, it’s ok if you don’t love me, I get it, besides I’m a stark, and I’m all fucked now, but… - y/n’s eyes start to watery on the idea of lose Wanda forever.

- I don’t care if you’re a Stark’s daughter or the nightmares, I love you – confess Wanda cupping her cheeks and kissing the bridge of her nose.

- You do? – asked y/n let the tears fall

- Yes, I love you, Y/N Stark – added her

- Wanda – whisper y/n getting closer and kissing Wanda slowly.


-Y/N? WHAT THE HELL? – shout Tony entering the room seeing her daughter and the younger Maximoff tangled naked on her bed.

– Stark, what happened? – asked Natasha – HOLY SHIT – complete her after seeing the two girls sleeping.

– Finally—told Clint from behind

– There’s nothing to see here – added him pushing Natasha and Tony out of y/n’s room’s.

I’ll Come Back for You Pt 3

Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: After crashing the Tie Fighter, Y/N and Finn can’t seem to find Poe. They go to the closest village and run into some unexpected new friends. Little do they know, the First Order is closer than they think.

Warnings: Curse words

I do not own anything!!!

Part 1 Part 2 

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Nope. Done. Bye.

Look I don’t care if they are 17 year olds. Now is the PERFECT time for them to learn that when they are ignorant little shits, they lose out on an amazing friend.

IT IS NOT FAIR FOR SANA TO PUT ASIDE EVERYTHING SHE FELT BECAUSE THEY “LEARNED THEIR LESSON.” I don’t believe redemption is justifiable within the next 2-3 weeks. Maybe in a few years when girl squad learns the value of Sana’s friendship. What they did today is EXTREMELY cruel. Nobody even bothered to ask her a single fucking question. When they knew the shit that post would get Sana.

Sana is strong enough to realize this clique is not healthy for her. You can’t honestly tell me this experience won’t stick with Sana. Her “friends” literally just abandoned her when they knew EVERYBODY else was going to turn on her too. They kicked her when she was down. There is no other explanation. Don’t even Fcking mention how in every past season, Sana has never abandoned them. You can’t take what she has to give just to pretend to be superior later on.

I would love for there to be redemption, but I think from what’s happened, Sana is better off walking away from this circle. It’s never been more true lmao. Sana deserves better.

Okay so I’m kinda done with this whole burn book discourse. I’ve been asked what my opinion was, so here we go.
I hate it. It’s dumb, generates a lot of negativity, and honestly, it’s unnecessary.
I’ve seen people comment on how “the idea was good but people are using it to hurt others”, I don’t agree. The idea wasn’t good, the creator knew what was going to happen from the very beginning. Have you even seen Mean Girls? It was obvious this wasn’t going to end up in a nice chat about how the classroom backgrounds might need some extra work.
The MCL (and Eldarya to some extent) fandom is very toxic, we all know this. Hell, I’m not even in the fandom and I know this. This book never intended to change this. It was created to talk shit about people and their content using criticism as an excuse. I haven’t seen any post in the bb with actual advice.
Luckily the blog won’t remain popular for long.


The First Order was known to be merciless – if you didn’t have any significant information then you would be killed, that was kind of the deal. And you seemed like any other rebel prisoner – you had an attitude and refused to give up any information. Hux had even dealt with you himself and discovered that you didn’t have any significant information that they didn’t already know but Kylo Ren insisted on keeping you locked up. Hux saw him in security footage walking into your cell and speaking with you, assumingly because he was getting information out of you but after FN-2187 and the rebel pilot, Poe Dameron, escaped on one of the ships and smuggled you out with them, Hux discovered the reason that you had been kept.

Several Stormtroopers reported to the general about Kylo Ren who had begun to rampage throughout the base, damaging many systems and nearly taking out several of the Stormtroopers, and naturally, Hux had to be the one to go and do something about it. The most terrifying bit about the whole experience was that Kylo Ren seemed utterly calm as Hux entered the nearly destroyed room.

“You need to find the girl,” he said lowly to Hux, dangerously close to him now, “if she’s harmed, I’ll kill you myself. Do I make myself clear, general?”

“What about the BB Unit?”

Just get me the girl!”

That’s when it occurred to Hux as it why Ren was so angry – he liked you. He had feelings for you – something that he didn’t know could even happen.

Did Jerome Squalor lose VFD’s trained lions?

O, Jerome Squalor, what hasn’t been written about you?

Probably a lot. Professional doormats and wet blankets make for poor literary protagonists.

Now, Jerome seems to belong to Lemony’s cohort of friends and colleagues. It’s the generation commonly believed to be children/teenagers throughout “All The Wrong Questions” then adults in “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. However, he’s a bit of an oddball. Jerome indeed developed a close friendship with volunteers such as Jacques Snicket and the Baudelaire parents, and yet never became part of VFD until much later in life.

Have we ever considered why? It’s strange that his friends would keep their involvement in the organization a secret from him for so long. We see in “All The Wrong Questions” that Lemony wasn’t exactly shy of revealing a ton of VFD lore to the people he deemed worthy, once he had taken time to know them properly. Jerome, for some reason, was kept in the dark for YEARS.

This Sleuth believes his unique treatment was the consequence of an unfortunate event. We will modestly refer to it as “the snowy hook-up from hell”.

Find out more about this theory after the cut.

[NOTE TO READERS: I missed you too. It’s good to be back.]

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rly sorry if this is a topic u dont want to discuss/i come off rude but what happened to seungri's scandal with choking a girl w/o consent? im a newer seungri stan and to this day i still rly don't know everything about that maybe partially bc i didnt want to know but idk its just been bugging me lately considering all thats happening with top/han seo hee. like i probably shouldnt go to another ri stan bc it could be biased, but i also dont trust ppl who hate bb bc that COULD be biased too 1/2

2/3 (sorry its 3 now) and i dont mean that to say that you’ll shield seungri/modify your answers to ~protect him but its just rly hard to get the facts when all i can find are stans/antis/ppl who dont care enough and thus dont know the facts. if u also think that you might be biased with your answer its ok id just like to ask if you could direct me to someone you think i can ask who’ll be a little more objective. again im a stan so this is just me trying to mend my cognitive dissonance with him 3/3 like it might seem pathetic how i say it but like i love bb/seungri so much but its such a constant challenge when theyre always constantly fucking up like if its not one person its another and if its not this issue its another issue and i just get so tired of not wanting to excuse them of their behaviour but also still wanting to stan them, and idk if theres a point where i should stop stanning bc i feel like i wouldnt be able to stop? idk lol im not even making sense anymore sorry

Hmm…I’m not sure you’re ever going to find a completely objective opinion, especially among fans.  We’re all, obviously, at least a little bit biased in BigBang’s favor, whatever happens.

I think your impression that one or the other of them is “constantly fucking up” is unfair.  A lot of nonsense gets published about them just for page views.  Yes they’ve made some mistakes but their scandals have been blown wiildly out of proportion (in my opinion) by the media and anti-fans.

So, since you asked about it, take Seungri’s “scandal”.  Someone accused him of being rough and kind of inconsiderate with her.  People have taken that and run with it to the point where some people seem to think he should have gone to jail for assault - but her story doesn’t support that.  She never said she was afraid of him or felt like she’d been mistreated, other than in a romantic sense.  She hung around taking pictures of him and sold her story to a magazine - to me that’s always seemed more like a petty little brat who was disappointed that her night with him wasn’t more special, or even that she set him up in the first place.  Because only the two of them know what actually happened that night.  And by getting her story in first, she made it pretty much impossible for him to defend himself.  People were already going to believe that she’d been a victim, and he had no proof to offer otherwise.

This is where I’m probably too biased to see this clearly but I feel like he was just as much a victim in that scenario as she was/wanted to be seen as.  He was very young, alone in a foreign country, he’s admitted himself that he was lonely.  He’s also indirectly defended himself saying that an old girlfriend called after the article came out and said, “Wow, you were never like that.”  So whether or not he was “like that” on that particular night, someone who knew him well didn’t think it was normal for him.  He slept with a girl he shouldn’t have trusted and suddenly finds himself labeled a sleazy womanizer with everyone speculating about what he’s like in bed.  He’s turned it into a joke since then but it had to be a pretty miserable time for him at first.

Sorry, that’s probably a lot more opinion than you wanted, but the facts are that we don’t really know the facts and probably never will.  

Um.  I guess the bottom line is that it’s up to everybody to decide what to believe.  I think the fact that BigBang has loyal fans who’ve stuck with them for eleven years now proves that they’re pretty decent guys, on the whole.  They’ve made mistakes but they’ve also never pretended they were angels - if some people want or need to see them that way that’s on them, not on the members.  TOP made a pretty huge mistake but he also had a lot of extenuating circumstances.  Seungri’s “scandals” are based mostly on a bad reputation he got thanks to this one article.  Daesung’s “scandal” was a tragic accident that could have happened to anybody whose car been in that place at that time - it should never have been treated as a scandal at all, imo.

Sorry, I have a bad habit of rambling on about things…I don’t know if this was the sort of answer you were looking for or not!  If you feel like you can’t approve of certain things they’ve done and reach a point where you have to unstan, that’s your decision.  Personally I don’t think any of them could or should be on a pedastal but I don’t think that’s a bad thing, either?  They’re just people like anyone else, they’re going to make mistakes and let us down from time to time but they also seem like basically good people who have made a lot of sacrifices just to entertain people and make their fans happy, and I think that deserves respect even if you don’t approve of some of their choices.

Pairings: H2OVanoss, TerrorKnuckel, Minicat, and SilentCalibre.

Thanks swimminglifeisgreat :D I enjoyed writing this, and <3 thanks for being so polite lol. And I’m sorry for the late reply, I meant to write this yesterday when you sent it, but I got held up. Be WARNED, Tyler seems like an asshole in this one in the beginning (which I really didn’t mean for to happen) but he gets better near the end. Sorry if anybody does not enjoy or like Tyler portrayed like that.

Title: Spin the Bottle

The room was filled with chatter and people, some who were getting a bit to tipsy for some people’s liking. The occasional sound of yelling and cheers could be heard from the living room where some were playing a round of the new Call of Duty. A lot of people who had came barely knew each other, and had only accepted the invite for the food and to be able to brag about getting into a Twitch party.

The guys had decided to all stick to one another the entire time, not wanting to get separated and stuck to talking to people who they didn’t know. One of them, Evan, was about to suggest that they just go ahead and leave, since none of them seemed to be interested, when someone yelled, “Who wants to play Spin the Bottle?”.

“Oh, that sounds interesting.” Brock noted, subtly hinting that he wanted to play. Tyler rolled his eyes, grumbling that he didn’t really want to end up kissing some chick whose breath smelled like she just ate shit, but he was ignored, and the rest of the guys had already agreed and headed over to where they were setting up.

They sat down, noticing that besides them, only 5 people joined, and three of them were girls.

“Oh hell no!” Tyler exclaimed as he arrived, as he saw how many girls there were compared to boys “I am not taking the chances of kissing a guy.”

“Lighten up will ya? No one said you had to kiss a guy. You can just pass for god sake.” Brian piped up, trying to divert any potential arguments that Tyler could’ve caused.

“Yeah,” Jonathan said, before hiccuping. “Who even said anything about kissing a guy? Unless you want to?” He waggled his eyebrows,EARNINGhim a glare, and he burst out laughing.

“Come on man, it’ll be fun. If you don’t want to kiss somebody just say pass.” Evan piped up. He really wasn’t in the mood, and wanted to avoid any bad situations at all costs, which he found hard to do with Tyler and his mouth, and it didn’t help that almost all of them had had quite a few drinks.

He stared at Tyler, patting the space next to him, and Tyler sighed in defeat before sitting down next to Evan.

“Alright lets get this party started!!” Shouted one of the guys who joined the game. He spun the bottle, watching as it slowly came to stop, pointing at a pretty girl with a curly Afro and freckles. They kissed, earning him a cheer from one his friends before the game continued

After a few spins, it was Arlan’s turn. He looked around nervously, wiping his hands on his pants before grabbing the bottle and giving it a good spin. They all watched as it turned, slowly coming to a stop, before it landed on Lui.

Arlan’s eyes widened, before looking at Lui,who had a small smirk on his face.  He had never kissed a guy before, and he never considered it until now.

There was a stretch of silence as the two stared at each other, neither one speaking a word, until someone asked if they were going to kiss or what. Arlan let out a shaky breath, confused as to why he was so desperate to kiss Lui.

He felt his cheeks heat up, and he looked down from Lui’s gaze.

“Yo… nosotros hacer no tener a Lui” he muttered.

“Pero que pasa si yo querer a, Arlan?” Lui said, smiling, before he placed his hand gently on his cheek, and leaned in, capturing his lips in a sweet kiss. He tasted like beer, mixed in with something sweet that he couldn’t place, but he liked it.  As soon as it happened, it was over, leaving Arlan blushing, wringing his hands together.

Most of their friends were smiling at them, besides Tyler, who was looking a the ground with his arms crossed over his chest, not really wanting to look at two guys kiss.

“Can we just continue” He muttered, before taking a swig of his drink that he brung with him.

It was Marcel’s turn, but he refused, saying he had a girlfriend he was serious with, and it was passed onto Evan. He gripped the bottle tightly, his muscles flexing momentarily, before he flicked his wrist, and the bottle was spinning again. It spun longer then usual, before it slowed down, pointing at Jonathan.

Evan scratched his neck, looking around the room. He wasn’t gay, and he knew he could pass on kissing Jonathan, but looking at his light pink lips and his bright blue eyes, how could he say no? Not only that, but the look on his face suggested he wanted to, and Evan didn’t want to disappoint him. Scooting closer, Evan smiled, throwing Jonathan by surprise.

Jonathan eyes widened, and even though the effects of his drink were starting to turn his mind a bit fuzzy, he knew for sure that he couldn’t kiss Evan. Out of all the guys, he was sure that none of them were gay and bisexual, especially Evan.

But Evan wasn’t protesting, and he got the feeling that he wanted to. So when Evan leaned in, his lips pressing against his softly and his hand lightly pressing down on his thigh, Jonathan kissed him back. It didn’t last long to Jonathan’s liking, and Evan pulled away, leaning his forehead against Jonathan’s lightly, a soft smile on his lips, and Jonathan couldn’t help the warmth that spread through them.

He scooted away, feeling his cheeks burn, and he hoped no one could see how hard he was blushing.

Tyler rolled his eyes. Could this game get any gayer? “God,” he mumbled. “Any more of you fags secretly gay?”

Brian turned to him, eyeing him as he did. “Can you not be so rude, Tyler? There’s nothing wrong with being gay, and your the only one complaining.” he said. “Keep talking, but watch when you spin the bottle and it lands on a guy and you end up kissing them.”

Everyone was shocked by his outburst. Tyler glared, biting his lip to keep from saying something that he might regret. Taking a deep breath, he grabbed the bottle, sending one last glare towards Brian, before spinning it. He watched as it slowed  down, the bottle pointing at Brock, before it landed on the girl sitting next to him.

He smirked at Brian, happy to prove him wrong, before kissing the girl. He grimaced, noticing that she smelled, and didn’t even know how to kiss properly. But he faked it as if it was the best kiss he had gotten all night, grinning as he pulled away.

Passing the bottle to Craig, he wiped his lips discreetly, before taking a chug of his drink to get rid of the taste the girl had left behind.

Everyone watched as the bottle stopped, landing on a big, burly looking guy, who was grinning suggestively at Craig.

Craig cringed, saying that he’ll pass, but the guy insisted, already starting to walk over to him. Craig eyes widened as he did, slightly scared as to what he might do to him.

Tyler’s giant frame was in front of him suddenly, and Craig looked on in surprise as Tyler told the guy off.

“Look Bulldozer, he said he’ll pass, so back the fuck off!” He angrily growled. His fists were clenched tightly at his side. If they guy wanted to fight, then he wanted to be ready. But much to his and everyone’s surprise, he backed down without a word, walking back to his seat angrily.

Tyler turned his attention to Craig, his tall frame towering over Craig. “Are you okay?” he asked, unaware of how soft his voice had gotten when he did. Brian noticed, smirking to himself.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. More surprised then anything.” He said, looking as Tyler sat back down next to him, noticing as he sat a little closer to him then before. Craig blushed, his chest thumping at how protective he was being, and he wondered for a split second how it would be to kiss Tyler, but he figured it was all the drinks he had.

Tyler noticed his friends staring at him in surprise, some smiling, and some smirking, but he payed them no attention.

Craig gripped the bottle again, before sending it into a spinning frenzy, before it slowed down, and he sighed as the bottle landed on Tyler.

He immediately set the bottle back into position, ready to spin again, because he knew Tyler was never going to agree to kissing him, but Tyler stopped him, placing his hand over the bottle before realizing what he done.

Craig looked at him in surprise. “Tyler, are you… I mean are you saying you want to?” He asked.

Tyler blinked, his mind cloudy. “What, no! I mean, I don’t know why I did that, I just.. uh. No, I don’t want to.” He groaned, not even convincing himself of his answer.

“It sure looks like you want to, too me!” Brian quipped, but he backed down when Evan glared at him, telling him to stop trying to piss Tyler off.

Craig licked his lips, looking on as Tyler fidgeted, not sure what to say.

“You don’t have to, its totally fine.” He said, and he was about to spin the bottle again, but Tyler stopped him again, telling him to wait, not sure as to what he was doing. A minute ago, he was calling his friends fags, and gays, disgusted by the idea of kissing a guy, but now it was different with Craig.

“How about just on the cheek?” Craig asked, and Tyler nodded. Leaning up, Craig kissed Tyler lightly on his cheek, before quickly leaning back into his spot. He wasn’t expecting to feel his large hands grasping his face, nor was he expecting to feel Tyler’s warm lips against his, but he didn’t complain. Leaning more into his touch, Craig felt his chest beating wildly, his mind screaming at the fact that he was kissing Tyler, his best friend.

Tyler pulled away, staring at Craig’s flushed face and pinks lips, before turning away.

Jonathan giggled, exclaiming he didn’t think Tyler was going to do it. Brian only smirked, telling him ‘I told you so’. Tyler told him to shut up, still trying to comprehend what happened, but he found that he liked kissing Craig a whole of a hell lot more then kissing that girl.

Craig blushed, wanting more, but he didn’t want to ruin their friendship.

He passed the bottle to Brock, who accepted it shyly. Brock had never played spin the bottle because it always made him nervous, and now was no exception. He didn’t want to chicken out and say no, so he clutched the bottle, getting ready to spin it, when Brian stopped him.

“Brian, what are yo-”

“Well, its obvious that by fate, its most likely going to land on me, and I’ve been wanting to kiss you for a while now Brock, so instead of wasting time, we’re going to say the bottle landed on me.” Brian said. He pointed the bottle at him, before placing one hand gently behind Brock’s neck and the other lightly on his waist, before catching Brock’s lips between his.

Brock didn’t respond, but once getting over the initial surprise, he kissed him back, smiling at how warm and comforting his lips were. They pulled back, smiling at each other.

The other two people took their turn, one of them having the bad luck of it landing on Jonathan, where Evan stepped in and spoke for him, saying he didn’t nor want to kiss her.

Once the game was over, the guys got up, ready to leave. They got up and began to leave, awkwardly walking next to each other. They were all confused now as to where they stood with the person they kissed. Neither of them were sure if it meant they were supposed to hold hands or be a couple, or were they going to just forget about it.

But it was obvious none of them wanted to forget what happened, but they didn’t know how to go about it. So they walked out, each one itching to grab the other person’s hand, ever so often glancing at the other licking their lips, looking away quickly when the other would catch them.

Marcel groaned, shaking his head at how awkward they looked.

“Do you guys have to walk like that?” He moaned, wondering where he found his friends sometimes. “You look like you just went in there and witnessed a mandingo or something.”

The guys laughed, before quickly going back to their awkward state they were in before.

“Sooo..” Brock said, looking at Brian.

“Do this mean that we, you know…” Jonathan began, his eyes catching at how close Evan was.

“So do we just forget what happened or should, um…” Craig mumbled, not wanting to finish his sentence, and he looked down, feeling Tyler’s gaze on him.

“Debemos salir?” Lui asked, glancing at Arlan, smiling at how shy he was being, and he slipped his fingers through his.

“For GODS SAKE! Would you guys just hook up already?!” Marcel yelled, throwing his hands up in the air. It was so blatantly obvious that tonight had revealed whatever secret feelings they had for each other, and if he could see that, then they obviously could.

They all laughed, some of the awkwardness starting to vanish, before Tyler pipped up, the first to notice that they had no car, since they all got a ride from uber and now had no cash to spend, and would either have to walk or hitch a ride

“So uh, how are we getting home, you fuckers?”

This turned out way longer then I expected it to, I am so sorry! I got really into it, and I just, this happened. And the ending, I know is a bit like different, and I hope it wasn’t to weird to end it like that.

And I am so sorry if my spanish is wrong ;/. I’m not fluent in it, and even though I know a handful of phrases and words, I’m pretty sure that some of it was wrong (i hope not). but below are the translations

“Yo… no tenemos que Lui” (I, we don’t have to Lui)
“Pero que pasa si quiero Arlan?” (But what if I want to Arlan?)
“Debemos Salir?” (Should we go out?)

Will I ever get over 2NE1 disbanding?

Probably not.

Maybe I could if YG would have told us back in May after Minzy left that the group was over. Instead of telling us that 2NE1 would continue as the remaining members.

Maybe I could get over it if YG didn’t keep hinting to fans that there was going to be a comeback soon.

Maybe I could get over it if CL didn’t perform 2NE1 songs during her U.S tour.

Maybe I could get over it if Dara wasn’t in New York watching CL perform all those songs knowing that their group of 7 years was over.

Maybe I could get over it if YG took Bom’s mental illness seriously, and saw that the scandal that happened with her bringing pills from the states was because that was a desperate attempt to help herself.

Maybe I could get over it if YG handled that scandal for what it was and didn’t sweep it under the rug or leave Park Bom in the dungeon.

Maybe I could get over it if CL in her letter didn’t mention the fact she was working over the summer to write new songs for the group and that they tried really hard to make it work.

Maybe I could get over it if this whole situation had closure and wasn’t so vague.

And to the people who say “Get over it” “It’s over” “Move on”… how would you feel if any of your favorite groups went through exactly what 2NE1 did?

Even if you’re not a 2NE1 stan, but a YG stan be weary and concerned for your favorites. Because if this can happen to 2NE1, what makes you think YG won’t do that to any other groups/artists under the label?

2NE1 was an iconic girl group. Who came in and changed the game with their powerful, unique, beautiful voices and edge.

And now they’re done.

They deserved so much better.


Long story short: my friend had the most gorgeous plants but they died prematurely because she was away and couldn’t take care of them. So we decided to smoke the little hatchling bb nugs to see what would happen.

IT WORKED! Although they had a plant-y taste to them, like if you were to chomp down on a thick stem. Mmm. (Not). But I’d do it again. 6/10.

anonymous asked:

A blurb about Harry and his gf driving around and people following him & getting irritated ask? I remember seeing something like that, and I would like to see that in a blurb. I love your writing by the way! :)

this got wayyy super sappy, prepare to wade through some fluff. And thank you so so much bb <3

also yes this is somewhat based on what happened with that girl in the vine a little while ago, but I made no effort to write this blurb exactly as that happened. jus’ sayin :)

You noticed the car following you before Harry did. After the third turn that Harry made in which you looked in the rearview mirror to see that little silver grey car tailing behind you, you figured it out. You bit your lip, holding a little tighter to Harry’s hand that was splayed over your knee from across the console of the car while he drove. He looked over at you and gave you a sweet, genuine smile, and you resolved right there not to bring it up. Harry loved his hometown, he loved England and it would always be his home, but here in LA he seemed to flourish. He fit right in among the hustle and bustle and the vibrant populace, and you knew it was always a big breath of fresh air for him when he landed in LAX. He had told you how happy he was to have you here with him this time, how much he was looking forward to showing you around and introducing you to new people and new sights and new food to share in bed together. You were just on your way back home from a day out shopping and driving around and meeting friends for lunch, and you would’ve rather lost a limb than do anything to shatter his good spirits. Glancing in the mirror to see that small four door still behind you a few cars back, you crossed your fingers that he wouldn’t notice it.

But there was to be no such luck.

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