bb giants



No, robots.

Cuddly robots…

Quirky robots!

Possibly robots?

Empathetic robots

Environmentalist robots

Sarcastic robots

Lazy robots

Incompetent robots

Cute robots

Cuter robots

Even cuter robots


Loving robots–

Hero robots…

no wait…

don’t do that…

don’t be a hero…

I know you can be rebuilt but dON’T DO THAT NOOOOOO

Fuck they did it.





“I don’t think this is supposed to happen during the summoning…”

Recently gave into my gacha addiction and decided to download the FE:Heroes app and feel in love with this dragon boy who carries my team half the time I play


CAPTIVE PRINCE VS UPTOWN FUNK PT 2 FT. DAMEN, aka. Team Laurent Knows aka. Damen sucks at subterfuge aka. I may have gotten too carried away but look! now we have a matching set : D (Laurent version)

Rescript #4: Giant Monster Part 3 (End of Rescript)

Undearl: I’m getting really sick of your rejections to fuse, ASTEVEN’S IN DANGER!!!

sanethyst: can fix that prob, bob (without fusion of course)

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A First Encounter (Giants!BBS)

Hey, guys! Wowie, it’s been awhile since I posted some writing on here. I want to clarify that this is in no way replacing the Space AU. That is still being worked on a lot (We literally talk about it every day. Every. Day.) but this is something of my own that I came up with and wanted to share it with you all. I have some ideas for how to continue this AU, so if you guys want me to continue with this story, feel free to let me know. I hope you guys will enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it! :D


A First Encounter (Giants!BBS AU)

Word Count: 5,212


Craig tightened his grip on his backpack as he trudged across the path through the woods. “Those assholes…” he muttered angrily. The slightly torn up notebook in his arms was still drying from being thrown in the mud, so Craig had decided to take a shortcut to both avoid seeing the ones responsible for destroying his book, and it was slightly quicker to get home. Which was good because all Craig was worried about was bringing the book home before it got damaged even more. He looked down and sighed as he saw the bright, orange leather cover, now coated with mud and dirt. It baffled Craig that people at his school could be so cruel to the point where they had attempted to destroy one of his most valued possessions.

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