bb finals


Day 53, 17:55 hours

Lillian: “Oh hello, angels! Are you all ready? Do you want to know who’s won this season’s Big Brother? I do hope so, because we’re running an extra long segment devoted to revealing just that answer!

“Who has won? Will it be fiery, but brilliant Kaliko? Could it be diligent and earnest Choi? Maybe it’s that crafty boy, Ash?”

“The votes are in, the tally’s been made and we’re ready to crown our winner, so stay tuned for every juicy moment, my doves! You won’t want to miss a thing!”

Long story short.

Me: *goes up to Jensen and Misha feeling her heart beating all the way up in her throat*

Jensen & Misha: *smiling* “Hiiiii!”

Me: *smiles and stumbles over her own words*

Me: “I’m sorry, I know its not pie, but it’s the closest I could find. so I was wondering what would Dean’s and Castiel’s reaction be to seeing this monster donut.”

Lol, I have no idea what Misha as Cas is doing. Feeling for a heartbeat? Looking for molecules? Giving the donut a blessing? :’) One will never know… Some friends and I were reminded of something else as well, but that I won’t mention right now… :‘P