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I’m going through this old notebook I used in my early teens and I found some righteous and creepy items, including my first SuperCrush’s 10th-grade schedule, lists of movies and music that I’d apparently planned to consume, a delineation of all of my favorite characters from tv shows, Spanish homework, a letter to the studio executives who decided to cancel My So-Called Life that ends with my age (“15.3”) and the time I finished writing (“1:25 pm”), and assorted journal entries wherein I apologize for being lazy and not consistently writing and usually end said entries with “yours truly” or, my personal favorite, “catch ya on the rebound.” here are some hilarious excerpts.

  • (on the male reproductive system) “It’s kind of confusing/complicated/stupid/weird”
  • “Sometimes I think that I could seriously be a nun […] Are nuns allowed to watch like movies? Well, PG-13/Rated R movies?”
  • “Do dreams really come true? Is life completely just a dream? Why do we dream?”
  • “Isn’t the human anatomy like totally bizarre? I know, seriously.”
  • “Why is it that some authors/writers use 2 commas when making a list of 3 objects (nouns), but others only include one? I have to discover why.”
  • “This person, who lived in the state of California, was the first here to die of the West Nile virus. I hope it wasn’t the guy Devon in my Spanish class. I overheard him talking and saying that he might have West Nile virus. His chin was like bitten or something and he hasn’t been to school for like 3 days or so.”
  • “I’m so pessimistic – the glass is seriously half empty a lot for me.”
  • “Wait – Devon didn’t die! Thank God! Rest in peace poor Santa Ana male victim! Nerve racking. The West Nile virus scares the shit out of me.”
  • “I love documentaries – they fascinate me. Some individuals see them as boring sources of irrelevant information. I don’t look at it that way. But then again that’s just me.”
  • “My favorite character on ‘Degrassi’ is Craig. He’s so great.”
  • “BUSH: Boring Ugly Shit Head. The working class shall prevail. Sorry Mr. Bush, it’s time to get some work done, some business taken care of.”
  • “I want to see 'Harold & Kumar go to White Castle!’ haha :)”
  • “I saw 'Trainspotting,’ interesting/depressing yet good film.”
  • “Sorry, my journal is simple, not complex.”
  • “Barack Obama’s speech at last night’s phenomenal, 2-day Democratic National Convention was ingenius, brilliant, beautiful, and, above all, powerful. […] Wow, great guy.”
  • “Sometimes in life, after something greatly impacts you, you’re completely, utterly, and bitterly crushed.”
  • “This year I want things to be different. I want to change things like my studies, my time management skills, my clothes (not entirely), and my attitude. Sounds good to me. Will the glass stay half empty or half full? That’s a question I have yet to answer.”
  • “Time = shopping. Shopping = money. Today I went shopping. Shopping 4 bras. More later.”

in 5th grade, my teacher requested a parent-teacher conference when I attempted to solve a word problem by writing a couple sentences instead of actually delineating a numerical answer.

for example,

I would do my best to solve this by taking an educated guess. I would pray to God that the educated guess is hopefully correct.