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jjugeun  asked:

can I get a smutty Chanyeol exobot, when he's (super) turned on but you're studying?? in the library??? pretty please ily

You peered over your glasses to watch your sexobot pace by the windows. You were thinking to yourself, by the tight set of Chanyeol’s lips and the squareness of his shoulders, that he needed to be charged. If he had told you before you sat down to start your hour prep session before your exams, you might have helped him. But he had held it in, mostly because he was programmed to put your needs first, sexual or not. So here you were, bent over books and notes and riding the red bull wave.

The problem was… frustrated Yeol was hot. He’d sigh deeply, frowning cutely. If he was sitting in a chair, he’d groan and throw his body about. He’d scrunch up his nose in disgust because he was unable to suppress the need that was gnawing at him. His eyes focused on you, narrowing angrily.

“Are you laughing at me?” He demanded.

You realized you indeed were sporting an amused smile. You stretched your arms over your head and yawned. Chanyeol’s mouth dropped open. Your sweater pressed against your breasts, straining the material. Your mouth was wide open, demonstrating just how open it could be for him.

“What’s there to laugh about?” You feigned ignorance.

“Are you serious right now?” Huffed Chanyeol. His pout was oh-so-kissable.

“Just be a little bit more patient and we will get you all charged up,” You resolved. “I forgot to grab one other book.”

You moved into the many aisles, fingers skimming the worn spines of the books that called the library home. You hummed to yourself, certain Chanyeol would take the bait. You did really need that book though.

So you stretched, up on your tippy toes, reaching desperately for that stupid book. Chanyeol almost immediately came to your rescue, deftly grabbing the book and depositing it into your hands.

“All you had to do was ask. There no need to…” Chanyeol licked his lips, unable to finish his sentence. You could see that he was deep in his memory bank, pulling up a video of you astride him, breast straining as you braced yourself backward on the bed.

When he came back to reality, his eyes almost took on a dark quality. “How much more time do you have to study for?”

“Yeol, I barely started–”

It didn’t really matter what your answer was going to be, Chanyeol had had enough.

He grabbed your face between his large hands, kissed you desperately, nose smush into your cheek. With his lips slanted against yours and his keens accentuating his urgency, you felt your heart quicken. His pure need basically made you hot.

“Chanyeol–Yeol! This exam makes up most of my grade–YEOL!”

It was against every bone in your body to scream in a library but your sexobot had gone from zero to sixty very quickly. His face nuzzled your chest and then in a blink of an eye, your shirt was pushed up over your chest and Chanyeol was fingering the front clasp of your bra.

Chanyeol clamped a hand over your mouth. “Don’t you dare risk us getting caught,” he whispered hoarsely, “I need this too much.”

He cast one final glance upwards to you and then undid your front clasp. Your boobs bounced from confinement and you could have sworn he gasped in delight. His hot mouth descended on one nipple at once, tongue swirling around the sensitive nub. Chanyeol spun the other nipple between his forefinger and thumb, pulling and teasing.

You moaned even though Chanyeol’s hand was still covering your mouth. This was just too public and too exciting that you couldn’t keep quiet.

Perhaps an internal alert prodded Chanyeol, you weren’t sure, but soon your shorts were down at your ankles, along with his and he was helping you step one foot out. The free leg went around his waist. You were wet enough that Chanyeol would rub the head of his cock against your entrance. He repeated the process until he was satisfied that he was lubed up enough for your tight entrance.

He plunged deep inside of you, rocking his hips for some slight friction. He started out slow, even though he knew he needed to go fast. He kissed you passionately again, the need to keep his focus on you never evaporating.

“I need you to tell me when you’re ready,” Chanyeol stated, lips close by your ear. Then he bit down oh so gently on your earlobe, making you shudder delicately.

“Well its not like you can stop now,” You said I’m exasperation. It was going to be a little bit painful but you loved when he was rough with desire. It only turned you on more.

You dropped your book and braced your hands against his shoulders. Chanyeol put his hand by your head and with one sweet kiss to your nose, he rammed into you like he had to cum yesterday. The first slam made you wince a little. Chanyeol adjusted himself and then fucked you properly.

“Your mouth said you wanted to study but your body always tells the truth to me,” Chanyeol said, smiling that he was getting his way now.

“Don’t you have an interesting way of convincing me?” You pursed your lips at him.

You closed your eyes to drink in the feel of Chanyeol moving in and out of you. He couldn’t exactly fit all of himself in you, but he definitely filled you to the brim.

Then came the tipping point for Chanyeol. The closer he came to fully being charged, the more dominant he became. Both your hands were pinned over your head, easily held together with only one of Chanyeol’s hands. The other was gripping your ass so he could urge himself deeper inside you.

Chanyeol always managed to add a tender kernel to your fucking, however. He dotted kisses down your jaw, easing a happy smile on your face. As if he was turning a page of fast-paced book, he was back to rough, sucking a hickey on the side of your neck.

“Yeol!” You whispered, partly horrified by the embarrassing mark but too deep in your pleasure to truly scold him.

“That’s for not remembering to charge me on time,” replied the smug sexobot.

“Like public fornication isn’t enough?” You scoffed.

“This isn’t punishment,” Chanyeol’s eyes stared intently at you. “Public sex is one of your kinks.”

Well you pretty much couldn’t rebuttal that because you had forgotten that on a whim you at ticked that box. Instead, you shut up completely and let Chanyeol fuck you into oblivion because, honestly, wasn’t that why you bought him?