bb doll!

Alfred, pls stop scaring the children.

Cropped wip from livestream that I can’t wait to render LOL. More on the way ofc, i have quite the backlog of bloodborne doodles and wips to post : >

he learnt to play when he was young . . .
Dolls for 300$ or less

This list compiles BJD under 300$ (and some SDs a little over that)

Please leave it under the Read More, seen as I’ll have to edit it multiple times

We have a HUGE diversity of sizes and styles to pick from, even under a budget. So support the original product.

And remember children, do your homework! Research the company/website reviews and owner pictures. Shoot me a message if you have something to correct/include. Do let me know if you find a doll in this price range that isn’t listed. 

UPDATE: Google Docs List with links that work hopefully

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So here’s a story.

Our little dude who we frequently call Monster Baby because he is actually a monster and also OBSESSED with Halloween. Spooky stories, spiders, snakes, ghosts, haunted houses - the lot. Saw Ghostbusters last week and loved every minute of it.

First we thought it was because Halloween was the first real holiday he was old enough to remember. And it’s pretty cool! I decorate like mad and he got candy. Good holiday! I figured he’d forget about it once it was Santa! And Christmas! And presents! But he was like that’s a cool holiday when is Halloween again??

So anyways these Monster High dolls were on an end display at the grocery store on clearance. I stopped to check my list and he saw. SNAKE GIRL MONSTER and it was love at first sight. I’d been keeping him away from fashion dolls because I worried they were too sexualized for him, but a) most of the Great Scarrier Reef ones aren’t too bad and b) he saw them and there was no going back.

I got Frankie Stein (Frankie Snake) for him and Toralei (Cat Girl) for me but somehow they’re both his now … and now he has a Lagoona win the skateboard because of course you need a skateboard.

I’m glad he likes them and I’m glad he’s doing more nurturing and domestic play. Hes getting the haunted house play set for his birthday because I found one on a screaming (pun intended) deal.

Also I’m collecting them like mad now because this obsession is contagious.

oah’s  Ark  ircus ; A E S T H E T I C S .

I just noticed something

All animatronics based on humans (BB, Baby, Ballora, Ennard, Bidybab, ect) have mouths that can’t close. Yet all animal animatronics have bottom jaws that go up and down making it look like they can talk. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but I just did and felt like sharing it :/

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Going off that last posted ask, how would they react if when their s/o opened the door again they had tears running down their face

2p Italy: “Sh sh sh bella, it’s ok.” He would bring them into a hug, telling them how sorry he is.

2p Germany: “Fräu please, don’t be like that.” He’d just lift them up and hug them really close.

2p Japan: “Don’t cry. You know I hate seeing you like that.” He’ll take you downstairs and give you some tea to help you calm down.

2p Romano: “Ohhh no, bella, please forgive me.” He’d be on his knees, looking up at them as if he were literally praying for forgiveness.

2p Spain: “Amour, I’m sorry, really.” He’ll genuinely feel bad and wouldn’t forgive himself for this.

2p Prussia: “No no no please don’t cry.” He’d be close to crying himself poor bb.

2p America: “Doll…shit, I’m sorry c'mere.” He’d feel really guilty about their fight and want to hug them forever.

2p England: “Nooo poppet, don’t cry, please.” Starts wiping away your tears and giving you kisses on the forehead.

2p France: “Putain.” He’d awkwardly hold you in an attempt to calm you down.

2p China: “shit shit shit noooo bb.” He’d hug you tightly and pet your head (he spends way too much time with his cats help him).

2p Russia: “Please…don’t do that.” He’s an awkward bb who doesn’t know what to do but he tries so hard.

2p Canada: “Fuck…” He’d be pretty much the same as Al in that he feels guilty and he just wants to hold them so that they stop crying.