bb congratulations!!!!

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ever notice how nobody in yge or bb congratulates or promotes ri for his record label, monkey museum, club cubic or anything at all but everyone in yg congratulate and promote gd on everything he does including selling a 30 dollar bulldog clip? even ri promotes peaceminusone but nobody supports ri at all?

because yg has heavily marketed seungri as the second chance

because fans have taken the second chance image and ran with it

because no matter how close bigbang is they still tease him on stage

beacuse them teasing him on stage in front of thousands of fans makes fans believe he’s not worth it

because all the members are more popular than seungri by a long shot and fans will always believe what their bias says

because fans believing their bias making of fun him will result in them once again thinking they have a free pass to mock seungri

because gd has always been the golden boy in which his name is stuck to it, it’ll automatically sell even if it’s selling a $30 clip made out of 100% iron and we all know 100% iron rusts

because despite all the members working hard, seungri will have to work twice as hard because hes the “second chance”, the “annoying one”, the “good for nothing brat”

because at the end of the day him having any type of success is seen as a threat to the fans of other members. because god forbid that seungri does better than them

because honestly my fave thing is how seungri perhaps realises this too and deletes anything to do with promoting anyone from yg, the hello bitches teasers were deleted within a day, same with top’s art thing and gd’s pmo stuff.

because any type of support for seungri is seen as “undeserving” or “too much” and the fans of the other members just see us as complaining and overreacting because they too have put seungri stans on the same level as him aka they don’t care for him so our opinions are disregarded

3xBANG by Big Bang nominated for best dance

So… Yeah… 

I’ve recently seen tons and tons of hate towards Big Bang, towards MAMA, towards the whole “popular voting” thing that certain award shows tend to do and I just wanna have my little say on the matter (please feel free to talk to me if you agree or disagree) 

So Big Bang released a song - maybe you have heard it I don’t know haha - called Bang Bang Bang which was a massive hit (congratulations BB, applause applause) They made a dance for this track - yes they dance it’s cray. The dance was great, it was a good choreography made by Parris Goebel who is pretty awesome. Now since this song was such a smash not only in South Korea but also internationally it’s no wonder that the dance got the same amount of attention as the song did. I happened to be in South Korea at the time when they had all these comebacks and everytime 3xBANG was played in the clubs people went crazy and copied all the dance moves from it, because like most of Big Bang’s dance choreographies it’s not suppose to be so difficult to do, it’s suppose to be - well not easy - but straightforward for fans to learn, so they can be like “come join the part with us”

They have been so lucky to receive a nomination for “Best Dance By A Male Group” at the 2015′s MAMA - an award I think they deserve to be nominated for. 

Now many people apparently have a problem with this and I get it. The main ones being “Why wasn’t BTS nominated?” and “This is only about popularity”. 

Firstly, I don’t know why BTS wasn’t nominated. They had an awesome choero for Dope which should have given them an nomination I agree with that. I however do not agree with people who start saying mean things about Big Bang’s nomination though (I am not talking to specifically Army’s (I’m one myself) I’m talking to those who have been truly disrespectful towards Big Bang) 

Choreography wise, yes 3xBANG is the least hardest to do as a non-dancer or it’s not as artistic as the others in the same category, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve to be nominated, because it has been the most popular dance by a male group this year. If BTS had been nominated then it would have been another group who’s choreo had had more difficult moves or flips than BB’s which would resolve with other people screaming about injustice. 

Let me remind you that last year Block B won “Best Dance” at Melon for HER - beating Infinite. It was the exact same thing; yes the dance in HER isn’t the most difficult but it was the most memorable and everyone knew it. 

As for award shows shoving favoritism towards certain artists, that it true. But it’s not just the MAMA’s, it’s every. single. award. show. ever. in. the. world. You award the artist who have had the most success in the industry and that’s that, sure many people do great but doing great doesn’t equals success all the time. 

Some people have then suggested that the award shows should separate the categories like doing “Best Dance” and “Most Popular Dance” but do people honestly believe that that would make a difference? Then you’ll have to do that exact same thing with every other category and people would still be mad that their favorites weren’t nominated. 

With my little rant coming to an end I just wanna say that award seasons like this always causes anger and for some fans, a feeling of unfairness. It sucks, it really does, but that’s how it is.. Besides - for MAMA at least - the fan voting’s only count 10% or 20%, so everything could happen ;-) 

Congratulations to all the artists and groups who have been nominated - You deserve it and to those who unfortunately wasn’t nominated, I can really say - at least to some - that it was a shame and you really deserved it as well.