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(i’m soRRY FOr hOuNdIng yOu If YouRe sTRESseD atm,, feel better bb) but, can i get a scenario where kyungsoo x reader are sleeping and their child comes and crawls into bed because of a nightmare?? lOVE LOVE xx

(ahhh i’m not sure if i’m 100% happy with this and i’m so so sorry in advance, thank you for your love it means a lot anon❤️-M🌸♡)

y/c/n - your child’s name

You groaned as you felt the tugging of your arm become more persistent. At first, you thought you were dreaming it, or that the cat just got stuck in the room and was trying to get your attention. But when you heard the quiet whimper of a five-year-old girl, you slowly began to peel your eyes open.

“Mummy.” Despite the child’s hushed tone, she wasn’t doing a very good job at keeping quiet.

Once your eyes were fully peeled open, you took a deep breath and sat up, leaning on one elbow and rubbing your eyes.

“Y/c/n?” You mumbled sleepily, still trying to regain your consciousness.

“Mummy I had a bad dream…” Small cries started to escape the little girl’s mouth as she tugged on the bottom of her nightgown.

Without another thought, you turned on the side lamp, ignoring the groaning man beside you at the fact you had to move his arm from around you, and nudge over whilst holding the covers open for your child to climb in. She followed, and crawled into the bed, snuggling into your side.

“What’s going on?” You heard your partner grumble, as he began to sit up, also rubbing and squinting his eyes at the sudden light.

You waited, just incase the small child curled into your side wanted to explain, but when her grab on your shirt tightened, you sighed and turned to Kyungsoo.

“She had a bad dream.” Kyungsoo nodded but frowned whilst leaning over to look at your daughter.

“Hey, princess, did you have a nightmare?” Kyungsoo questioned as he lay back down on his side, allowing his hand to lean over over and rub her hair soothingly. You both watched as she nodded into your ribs, trying to hold back a yawn from your two AM wake up call.

“Come over here then.” Kyungsoo shuffled away from you as he beckoned his five-year-old daughter over to him and in between you both. You smiled as you watched you pouting child clamber over you and fall on the mattress as he pulled her down into his side, where he kissed her forehead lovingly.

You turned to lay back down on your side, so you were facing them both and smiled lovingly at the sight of the small girl wrapping her tiny arms around Kyungsoo’s broad chest, watching as he was having a gibberish conversation with her about her nightmare. You watched as you saw him frown and say:

“Well that doesn’t sound very nice at all.” You could tell he was playing along. But it seemed to be making the small girl who was just two minutes ago crying into your shirt, feel a lot better, so you weren’t complaining at all.

You gently leaned over to turn off the light, accepting the extra company you and your husband will be joined by, and nuzzled further into the duvet that was engulfing your small, perfect family.

The small stories Kyungsoo was whispering in her hear and the steady rhythm of you stroking her back was sending her to sleep as quickly as she had woken up, and the love that you felt when watching both your daughter and Kyungsoo fall asleep to each other’s embrace, couldn’t compare to any other sort of happiness in the world.

I don’t have enough time for anything proper but as I make my way through chimera ant arc I need some intensive care to keep on breathing

so………yixing, tao, and kris all attending @ the victoria’s secret fashion show……….

I finished BBS the other day for the first time and I just want my blue-haired daughter to be happy


Get Low and Dusk Till Dawn occupying the same billboard spot for Spotify at NYC! #thewinningteam

Giriboy: so i bought this shirt from LA, but this (the magnetic tag) didnt come off, you see this? I bought this but the thing didnt come off and i cant speak english so [person in crowd offering to help him take it off] no no it cant be removed i’ve tried removing it so i just wore it out like this i cant speak english so i couldnt go back there again and ask them to remove it for me…yea its nt that i stuck it there myself…

Cr: zhouzzzzzhou


Sterek AU - “Princes” requested by felicitysmock:

“Your highness.” Derek gives a small, regal smile - and isn’t it funny, how such a thing as generic as a smile can convey rank in that way, betraying superiority over others - and releases Stiles’ hand from where he’d caught it mid-punch. (An accident. Mostly.)

“Prince Derek,” Stiles says, aiming for respectful decorum even through the tangible annoyance in his tone. When sneaking around the palace, he prefers not to be followed, and does not have control over his actions might he hear footsteps behind him. Hence, the near assault on the crown prince of Beacon Hills.

“You might find yourself in safer company with a sword for defense, instead of fists.”

Stiles smiles - sneers - politely. This is a game they’d often played when they were kids. Years have passed but Stiles still remembers the objective: to feign pleasantries so the Kings, their fathers, didn’t sense the dislike they had for each other. Normally they’d only play when they had an audience; they were currently alone.

Calmly: “I might find myself in safer company, if visiting nobility stayed in the guest quarters they were given.”

The smile that passes Derek’s lips this time is decidedly less princely, instead there’s a mischievousness Stiles recognizes from memories of 14-year-old Derek.

He says, “Apologies. It’s just you’re dressed for a ride, yet your waist is absent a scabbard.”

Here it was, the reason for sneaking around his own home. If Scott caught word that Stiles tried to ride to the camp his father was being held at to haggle for his release, he’d find himself tied to a chair until sense returned.

“I often go without a blade,” Stiles says, “As I never had the patience to hone the skill.”

He prefers to exploit enemies from the pages of books, is more useful crafting war strategies than leading the front line. He had, of course, the best teachers at his disposal and couldn’t have gone all his life without wielding a sword under their instructions, but there was a level of dedication that was needed to become fluent in the art. Stiles had directed that dedication elsewhere.

Now, on the brink of war, his father a flaunted captive of the Argents, and no one to represent the royal family on the battlefield but him, he wishes he’d have returned to the training ring more often than what was mandatory.

They were positioned close to one another in the palace hall, the wall torches making a show of wild shadows across Derek’s face. There was now a groomed beard where before were adolescent blemishes, there was a strong structured jaw, and a broadness that made their near-same height feel exaggerated.

Even more so when Derek leaned close in a manner of not wanting to be overheard, “War is inevitable.”

Stiles felt wholly aggravated at this point. “And?”

“And you can’t stop it. My parents will join as a display of loyalty to yours, and the both of us will end up on the field.”

None of this was unknown to him. “What would you have me do?”

A crease has formed between Derek’s dark eyebrows. Stiles lost track of when their game had stopped.

Like it was obvious, “I would have you not fall into a trap. Yes, I know you were visited with news of your father, you’d have to be blind to not see how eager you were to leave with the messenger.”

“Fall into a trap,” Stiles echoes, tone completely absent of the politeness from before. “You see me as a child, too naive to know the difference between truth and deceit?”

“I see you as desperate,” Derek argues, “As any son would be in your place. The Argents trade in master swordsmen, it is not speculation to say you can not win this way, it is truth. They will have stationed the best of their men to guard your father, and if you were to ride in, sword less, and alone, they would strike you down. Your kingdom would he heirless, your people without a ruler, those you love robbed of you-”

Stop.” Stiles fists his hair with both hands and turns from Derek, so the side of his face is visible only.

Long, aching moments pass where Stiles labores through the act of breathing. When it doesn’t take his whole strength to do so, he drops his hands, rings his fingers around his wrist, still turned from Derek.

His voice shakes, another sign of his weakness. “You think I don’t already know this?”

A noise of anger and disbelief parts from Derek’s lips. “Yet you would still go?”

“I would have this done,” Stiles closes his eyes. “Three months is a long time to wait for news of your father’s life.”

Another moment of silence passes. Then, Derek’s hand grips his elbow, stilling the restless movement of his arms.

“There are other ways.”

Stiles scoffs, an airy, short burst of laughter. “Have you already forgotten? I can’t wield a blade.”

He hasn’t let himself admit how much of a drawback this truly is. Truthfully, he wasn’t sure why he was admitting it to Derek now, they’d never been friends.

Stiles turns back around and finds Derek with a expression he isn’t familiar with. With a softness to it, it was wholly genuine.

Derek says, “I’ll teach you.”

Sleeping Beauty Ballet AU
Inspiration and reference:
Ballet in Cinema Trailer // Sleeping Beauty Trailer

Please, please do yourself a favor and watch these videos. They’re stunning!! (also the music is awesome heh)

Also I updated my redbubble with this and other pieces!

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Since Sebastian is a creature of the night and he is a demon, how about his s/o was terrified of the dark? Headcanon or scenario, I don't mind! It all depends on you! I'm sorry for you and your cat. I hope you're doing well right now...

I’m terrified of the dark and I love Sebastian so I’ll do this one right now bc it’ll comfort me. Thank you. I’m doing as well as I can. I keep thinking I hear him meow and I turn and it fades away and he’s not there :(


Sebastian’s s/o is scared of the dark headcanons

Originally posted by zennou

- I think he’d be amused by it, firstly, because humans are such amusing creatures

- I think he’s the type of person, demon, to use his eyes in the dark when his s/o is laying down to sleep, thinking they’re alone.

- You’d see his eyes glowing in the dark, hear his breathy low chuckle, feel fingers, tendrils, on your skin, and you’d whimper or swear and he’d chuckle again, finding amusement in your suffering, and would stop.

- He’d take pity on you and climb into your bed, if you allow him to - he wouldn’t ask, he’d expect you to tell him any boundaries you have right off the bat so he remembers.

- His arms would come around you, holding you to him, and he’d murmur in your hair sweet nothings.

- “You’re safe, my love, no dark creature can reach you under my protection.”

- If you mention vampires, I guarantee you that he’d wince and say “please don’t compare me to those graceless creatures”

- He’d be so offended.

- I think he’d ask you about why you’re so terrified, and though he wouldn’t understand it, he’d ask how he could help you with your fear.

- He’d probably be the type to randomly expose you to it. 

- You’re walking in the corridors of the Phantomhive manor and suddenly all the candles go out, plunging you into darkness.

- It’d be like experimentation for him, analysing your reactions and what happens if I do this? and he’d really pick it apart and find out how you’d react in any given situation.

- He’d sometimes take it too far and would have to make it up to you.

- He’d cook your favourite meal or would buy you a small gift to make up for it, and it’d be incredibly meaningful and sweet and so you that your heart aches and you forgive him immediately.

- He’s cruel, so sometimes he’d trick you for his own amusement.

- But ultimately, he just wants your happiness.

- He’d allow you to bury your face in his chest at night, his strong arms winding around you, holding you to him. 

- If you glance up from his chest to survey the room, the fear creeping in, he’d shush you gently, pressing a kiss to your hair. “Nothing will find you. I’m here, Y/N. You can relax now.”

- I think he’d sing to you sometimes, if you were super super scared, and his low baritone would just send you right off to Dream Land.

- He’d definitely be with you every night, once his duties are done.

- Coincidentally, everything is finished by the time you’re off to bed, so he’s there waiting for you.

I hope you like this! This really comforted me, tbh. Stay safe my lovelies! <3