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THE BATS OF GOTHAM (for @aelin)

Starting today, we fight ideas with better ideas. The idea of crime with the idea of Batman. From today on, Batman will be everywhere it’s dark, no place to hide.

Jupiter Ascending/Star Wars

I was’t able to write a full fic for @fuckyeahjupiterascending‘s prompt this time around (cue tears), but here are a few random JA/SW headcanons! 

Very much in order of ‘marginally plausible’ to ‘airing on the side of crack’ XD

  • Despite the Force’s existence in all living things, it takes on a particular, material presence within the human body. This is what the Abrasax family and other Entitles extract for RegeneX—the literal embodiment of life. Their perversion of the Force is considered by many to be the greatest atrocity in galactic history.
  • Jupiter takes hives of bees with her whenever she travels in space—for companionship, Stinger and Kiza’s benefit, to help the marvelous creatures set up shop on other planets—but never before have they deserted her the second she stepped off the ship. Jupiter is more than a little wary when they crowd around a much older woman, but then the woman smiles and Jupiter trusts her completely. She and Princess Leia (“General Organa?” “Oh just Leia, please”) become very good friends.
  • (Also Jupiter and Leia: “My son… he’s murdered so many…” “ME TOO. Well, sorta. The whole ‘mom’ thing is a little complicated.”)
  • The fight for splice rights is well under way of course, but when Jupiter meets BB-8? Oh. “Caine! Draw up declarations for droids too!”
  • Han makes the mistake of boasting about the Millennium Falcon’s speed in front of T’sing. Ten minutes later there’s a race lined up and half the base is making bets.
  • Stinger and Finn bonding over drinks and, ‘I used to work for the enemy’ stories. They’re dragged back home by Caine and Poe respectively with ‘omg it’s in the past you STUPIDHEAD’ talks.
  • Caine watching Poe fly for a while (very impressed) and when he lands Caine just solemnly hands him his space boots. “You’re gonna like these.”
  • Jupiter learning that Rey grew up on disgusting rations and getting this look in her eye. “We’re Russian,” she says. Rey: “???” “You’re coming home with me and we’re going to feed you.” Rey: “!!!”