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Hello! I've just started playing Mystic Messenger and I'm currently on the third day of playing! I'm hooked, haha. Anyway, may I have some headcanons of the RFA Squad reacting to an MC who swims as a form of excercise? I was swimming yesterday and it just popped into my mind. Thank you in advance! Your HCs are so great!

ahh ikr?? Mysmes is too addicting +_+ but yes ofc I can do this!! swimming is fun :) I hope you like this!!


  • as a boy who didn’t exercise much (save for his fingers), he was reluctant when MC invited him to go swimming with her
  • like him? swimming? nononono he could barely float, much less SWIM
  • but he was dragged out nonetheless and found himself in swim shorts 
  • he went straight for the kiddy pool
  • no joke
  • he went full on going to the waterslide, diving board, the lazy river
  • but then he went over to watch MC swim
  • so elegant omgg he wanted to swim like her too 
  • so he secretly signed up for adult lessons awee
  • drowned the minute they went to the deep end lmao


  • he liked exercising so he was happy to know MC had her form of it too
  • decided to join her one time cuz y’know why not he hadn’t swam in a while and wanted to see MC swimming 
  • but then MC came out in her swimsuit
  • dude it was a one piece not even a bikini
  • he almost screamed omg
  • dragged MC into the family room and pulled a towel out to cover her
  • “Zen I cannot swim with this on”
  • ended up going to a private pool owned by Jumin loool


  • she was too busy to go usually but decided to go with MC
  • she had this old ass swimsuit and MC’s was all athletic and nice tho
  • so she bought a new one for the sake of it
  • MC challenged her to a race
  • Jaehee was not ready omg
  • she was not coordinated AT ALL
  • almost drowned oops
  • MC to the rescue!!!!
  • decided that swimming was only for MC :(


  • mista trust fund kid had a private pool atop is penthouse so MC took advantage of it
  • he unsuspectingly walked in on MC coming out of the pool all wet and glistening 
  • he blushed so much awww bb Jumin
  • anyways he asked why she was swimming when she could just sit in the hot tub
  • was suddenly interested in swimming after she explained
  • creates new “Swimming Cat” project
  • from then on constantly watches MC swim while he chills in the hot tub with wine 


  • MC comes home one day and he is aLREADY IN HIS SWIMTRUNKS
  • “let’s go swimmmmm!!”
  • he’s more excited than MC
  • he starts swimming like real quick
  • who knew a hacker could swim like that????
  • challenged MC to a race
  • but he gets a cramp oh nooooo
  • he pouts and sits in the kiddy pool leg in pain and splashes MC for teasing him
  • repeats this several times

kinda short but I hope it’s what you wanted <3

~Cherry L.

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We have more in common definitely. We do almost everything together. We’re pretty codependent. Recently, she came to LA before me, about three days before me, and that’s the first time we’ve been apart from each other for… way before getting married. We both paint, we have a room in our apartment where we’ve taken the carpets up and we have like painting parties. She’s also a really talented musician, so we’ve been playing a little music together. We made a short film together. She’s this kind of incredible muse for me as well. And I think I’m for her as well. We encourage and inspire each other and that’s what I’ve always really wanted. But I saw marriage as being something else but my marriage is that, which is incredible to me. It’s great. (smiles) “about his wife Persia White”