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thesimperiuscurse  asked:

10 Facts for Ash!

• Is a huge smartass and doesn’t go a day without saying something sarcastic at least once
• Constantly got sent home from school in high school because of dress code violations (Whether they were intentional or not)
• Her middle name Cooper comes from the man who helped deliver her (She was born in a mall parking lot)
• Has sorta become like a keeper for Kitt because she feels like it’s her responsibility to help him get sober
• Refuses to take medicine of any kind (Especially pills) because of the above ^
• Got her facial scar at the age of 10 from a dirt bike accident
• Is a virgin and didn’t even have her first kiss until she was 16
• Has no concept of what a healthy relationship is because her parents fought in front her 24/7 when she was child
• Is super duper stubborn and will do the opposite of what you want her to… just ‘cause
• Has a special love for the beach, specifically seashells, because it reminds her of the happier times from her childhood


How to distract ur wifey from a Gudiya..

Step 1: Back Hug..

ermm not working..She is still talking abt gudiya..

Step 2: Turn+Pull

She ends up teasing you abt delayed honeymooon..

Step 3: Shut  her up by giving a butterfly kiss..

and there her heart is fluttering she is all yours..

Tip: before going close to your wifey don’t forget to switch your phone off or your romance life is gonna be doomed..