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Looking for the silver lining

Tonight’s episode is going to be hard. I was rooting for Ika since the beginning of this show and I still think she deserves to win, but alas, it’s not to be this season. Having to see her leave the house to an empty studio will be heartbreaking, seeing Demetres’ glassy eyes as he gives her that hug (and hopefully gets to walk her up the stairs) and hearing Ika talk to Arisa about her disappointment will be gut-wrenching. But I’m trying to see the positive in this turn of events.

This season of BBCAN was definitely the IKA WONG show. She had more aired DR sessions than any other player, made the biggest house moves (getting Neda evicted, convincing Dillon to replace Demetres w/ Sindy, convincing Kevin to put Jackie up instead of Karen to save her, etc) all while being authentically entertaining by being herself. Her game was explosive & transparent and it still worked. ICONIC! She may be going to jury but she’s the only player other than Demetres that will really be talked about beyond this season.

The other positive about Ika leaving is that it helps Demetres a bit. As he mentioned in the last episode, it’s getting harder in the game to play as a duo with the numbers so small. Now that he can play solo, he can focus on beasting out with no guilt on how it could negatively affect Ika. He can use her leaving as extra motivation to steamroll KevinRobertMartin. And lol, he can finally get a good night’s sleep. As much as I enjoyed watching their adorable convos and bonding, Demetres’ comps were often affected by his fatigue and being distracted by any personal stuff going on between he and Ika. So now that he’ll be able to sleep (on her side of the bed no doubt *swoon*) and study without distraction, KevinRobertMartin is in for a completely different type of beast.

So, as sad as it is to see my Queen goes home, I’m going to look at it as the last step towards the King of BBCAN5 taking his title home along with the Most HOH wins in North American BB history.