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Look at these handsome dorks and their lovely smiles ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)

Tumblr won’t let me have more then 10 gifs so I couldn’t get everyone (´;д;`)

My design of the BBS Bois poster that I’m goin’ to sell at CF9 in Indonesia! :D

i wasn’t goin’ to show the full pic of it because, ppl can get really annoying about sellin’ stuff online w/o my permission and reposting shit :^) (y’all are cunts if u do that, no offense but it true)

but since i don’t have art to post atm, imma just post this to y’all. its the least i can do :’v

  • Vanoss: Hey Wildcat!
  • Wildcat: Hey Vanoss, where's your boyfriend?
  • Vanoss: staring at us.
  • Delirious: [face pressed up against the glass, breathing heavily]
  • Wildcat: uh...
  • Vanoss: Where's yours?
  • Wildcat: Same.
  • Mini: [Standing next to Delirious, face pressed against glass, breathing heavily]
  • Delirious: Don't tell me what to do! You don't know me!
  • Vanoss: You're real name is Jonathan, but you go by Jon. You're favorite movie of all time is Ted, because it has a talking teddy bear. You're favorite horror movie is Friday the 13th. Favorite color isn't blue like most think, it is actually a dark red. The only person to actually see what you look like is Cartoonz, who dated your sister. You have a stuffed bear from your childhood, who you call Teddy. You're dad use to work on the Friday the thirteenth movie set. You adore little kids, and miss being one. You're not as outgoing as you really are online. And you favorite thing to do is hang out with your friends and family.
  • Delirious: My bears name is actually Mr.Teddy, thank you very much.
  • <p> <b>Delirious:</b> Wow the stars are beautiful tonight<p/><b>Wildcat:</b> They sure are<p/><b>Delirious:</b> You know who else is beautiful<p/><b>Wildcat:</b> Evan<p/><b>Delirious:</b> Evan<p/><b>Wildcat:</b> <p/><b>Delirious:</b> <p/><b>Wildcat:</b> <p/><b>Delirious:</b> What did you just say?<p/><b>Wildcat:</b> I said Craig<p/><b>Delirious:</b> That's what fuckin thought bitch<p/></p>