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  • Jon: Hey Evan, what is sex?
  • Evan: Oh that's simple Delirious, sex is a sensation caused by temptation when a guy puts his location into a girl's destination, causing the next population of the next generation. Is that a good explanation or do you need a demonstration~?
  • Jon: I need a demonstration.
  • Evan: *starts sweating profusely*

Someday, Carrie Fisher popping up will stop hurting. But, not today. :-(


They say that Derek Nurse is a sex god.

They say that he gets around.

And for the most part it’s chill, because there’s something empowering about being an object of lust, and there’s something delicious about knowing that eyes are on him when he’s dancing (because they always want to know who he’s going home with - because they say that he never goes home alone), and for the most part it’s a manageable persona.

Until something like this happens.

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