How iconic is Davonne Rogers? Oh my god. This girl came in there and immediately spotted out Vanessa 2.0. Although she played very messy… and got her game blown up… she managed to still sit pretty. This girl had a huge hand in flipping the vote to keep lil vanessa, got backstabbed by her, put OTB with her, she left unanimously, and has had to deal with Frank saying her name every 5 seconds. NOW AFTER TIFF JUST LEFT LOOK WHO ELSE IS DAYS ENEMY AND IS GOING HOME… FRANK. THIS ICONIC MESSY QUEEN almost won the HOH, got Frank to spill to her during a comp about Nicole, called out Ratcole, and still got what she wanted without even winning. THIS iconic queen didn’t even go to Frank and he came to her and spilled everything on Nicorey to her and told her to trust his cabbage patch doll. AND. THIS. ICONIC. QUEEN. talked things out with Bridgette and is still in this damn game. She beat Tiff, she beat Frank, she’s played interestingly messy, & they still giving her info. Now all I need her to do is FIND THAT DAMN SECRET ROOM cuz Paulie saying her name a bit too much now… I have faith she’ll slither her way to the end though. Wow.

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Concept: We wake up in the morning. Day is sitting on a throne with a ticket to final two after finding the secret room. Frank self-evicts. Zakiyah finds out what Paulie says, cuts off his ass, and forms an alliance with Day. Nat and James join said alliance. Paul shaves his beard. Paulies hair grows back. Victor only talks in Spanish. Corey reveals he was dating Jozea the whole time. Nicole rejoins the rat colony. Glenn cooks pancakes in his small house. Life is good.

Bahama Mamas Nightclub Secret Location!
  • Vanoss:Are we gonna have another crazy night at Chuck E Cheese?
  • Delirious:No, we're going to the club
  • Vanoss:Wha? I have 48 tickets!I just need 12 more tickets and I get that teddy bear!
  • (He thought about Delirious and was totally gonna win him a teddy bear...cute)

Sophie & Ben in 2006