And tonight I miss you. I miss your arms around me and your lips pressed against my shoulder. I miss being the big spoon and having you move yourself as close to me as possible. I miss kissing you and seeing you smile even though the lights are off. I just miss falling asleep and knowing that you’re there.
—  Letters to you (9-3-2015)

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In 10,20 years Big Bang's going to retire from the front line of the music scene and gradually go off to do different things. One day they're going to announce their reunion and thousands of people will flood the stadiums with their VIP lightsticks to watch Big Bang with their delayed dance moves and wrinkles but Big Bang's stage presence will still be amazing. Perhaps we'll be in our 30s when we hear the familiar voices singing Haru Haru and nostalgia will stab our hearts unforgivingly.

Yes. Yes.

When Bigbang are over fifty and I’m in my forties I’ll be willing to stand there, flickering, decades-old, half-broken lightstick raised, and watch them sing with raspier voices, with more acoustic versions, with songs they danced to when they were eighteen.

We will laugh when they all use replicas of TOP’s cane as a joke; when Taeyang goes to do his signature backflip and falls into the airplane exit door dance with Seungri instead; when GD jokes that his silver-streaked hair is his next wild hairstyle and when Daesung sings trot with the gravelly, aged voice of those trot singers of old. Their dances will be slower and their movements less fluid, but their energy and ours will still combine as effortlessly and as seamlessly as it did before.

Their bodies will be different, but their fire will not change.

And then at the end of the concert, they’ll bring out their children to wave at us.

And our children will wave back, because we’ll have brought them to see who inspired us in our youth.




I want one, NOW


I made this to celebrate three things:

1. ONE YEAR FNAF ANNIVERSARY!!! gosh, it’s already been a whole damn year and sooo many things have changed!! I improved ALOT art-wise, I made alot of friends and learned a shit ton of things, and got to see a bunch of cool work and artists. there aren’t that many left who make fnaf art regularly but the ones who stuck around have become very dear to me. [ you guys know who u are hehe <3333 ]

2. ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF MY FNAF BLOG~! in about 17 days, it will be the one year anniversary of this blog! now I’m planning on having another kind of group photo - only with the original crew, and much less time consuming - to celebrate that, but in case I can’t find the time for that or finish it p late ( schoolwork takes up so much time *sobs* ) there’s this! :3c

3. REACHING 7,000 FOLLOWERS ON MY FNAF BLOG!! I’m about 90 followers away from this milestone, and thought this would be a great way to celebrate. >:L this is my fastest growing blog and my biggest one; I’m happy to know so many people enjoy my work and everything I do on there, even though most of the time it’s yiffing or me shitting around. 

u guys are the BEST thank u for supporting me! this is my way of saying thank you. <3

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