I can see beyond the borders of here
And I know there’s more for me
I’m not afraid to face what they fear
If it means I can be free
Discourage me if you think you can
But I won’t stop till I’m out of here
Yeah, I just don’t give a damn
Not afraid to face what they fear

Why Hook doesn't work as a damsel in distress.
  • Emma: Hook is gone, we need to save him!
  • Regina: No way, he's slimy.
  • Belle: Remember the time he tried to kill me and then get in my personal space and then shot me?
  • Rumple: I don't even need to explain myself.
  • Henry: He tried to get me killed.
  • Archie: He kidnapped me once.
  • Pongo: Bark!
  • Neal: *gurgle*
  • Emma: Yeah, you're right. Regina bb come here.