Haven’t made my usual fic recs in a while, but I’ve found this old doodle that I had never posted for the fic Color Me Mine, by andquitefrankly so here we go. 

Read for adorable kindergarten bagginshield and all the fluffies that baby Bilbo and baby Thorin can deliver.


awwwww shy bb Minho….& onew likes it….onho<3

Cr: タカP

Bering & Wells: The Series - Family Portrait

George stood before Myka’s closed bedroom door, fist hovering in the air as her head sagged back, eyes deserately searching the ceiling. “Please don’t be having sex! Please don’t be having sex!”

As the door suddenly swung open, Myka’s eyes going wide as she tightly clutched at the sheet draped around her body. “Ophelia?”

It’d been a week since George spilled her secret and, already, Myka was calling George by her first name.

“Mom?” George swallowed, hand still frozen in the air. Like she was preparing for Myka to slam the door in her face. So they could start this all over again, without the face melting embarrassment.

“Is that Georgie?” HG’s voice carried across the room. “Ask her what type of lube they use in the future? Maybe we can invent it now.”

As that half-grin on Myka’s face spread, watching her daughter’s face as it went through about fifty shades of red.

“I hate you,” George grumbled, head slumping down. She should have known better than to knock on her parents door at 2am. “I hate you both.”