It’s so great to see everyone realize how great a season BB17 was. It gave us so many great things like:

- Really great female players. 12 HOH wins were female and the highest percentage of competition wins was by a woman, Vanessa with 32%

- When we all thought that Johnny Mac was crack’d when really he’s actually a great guy just with a weird laugh.

- Everyone recognized that Jace was bad news Week 1 and backdoored him.

- BB Prom and everything that came with it.

- Da’Vonne figured out the twin twist and it was only Week 2.

- Becky’s train story

- When we all found out that Shelli’s twin brother looked like Clay.

- When Vanessa staged the fake fight with Jeff to have a reason to target him. (You must be like silly)

- The musical they came up with (THE MAYO ALLIANCE, WE KNOW ABOUT IT)

- Audrey’s whole entire four weeks in the house and she was the first transgender house guest.

- The Gronk party week with the shower party.

- When they abandoned the BB Takeover because the game play was that good.

- Clay’s mumbling compilation.

- When James nominated Clay and Shelli.

- Clay and Meg in the bathroom.

- The fight that happened before Clay got evicted (You’re either gay lovers or related. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me.)

- The face James made when Becky got kale in her HOH basket

- When Becky nominated Vanessa.

- Every time Vanessa cried and we had no idea if the tears were real or not.


- Pot Ball

- James’ pranks, especially when he pranked Julia

-  Grandma Meg and her caretaker James

- BB Court where Austin and James ended up in jail under the stairs and Becky was the judge.

- When Vanessa evicted Austin and sent him out of the house with no shoes on.

- Jecky was the only good showmance and it wasn’t even a showmance.

Tough Guy / Bucky drabble

Pairing: Reader x Bucky

Featuring: Bucky Barnes

Warning: i might have used a swear word like once?

Request - can you please do # 12 with bucky? thx

12 - “No, I refuse to buy those. It’ll hurt my tough guy exterior”

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You woke up early and you were getting dressed for the day ahead, when your boyfriend came strutting in from the bathroom, a towel loosely hung from his hips. His wet hair falling over his forehead. You were practically drooling over him as he came over to you and extended a hand, lightly grazing your jaw. Snapping your jaw shut, you stared up at him as your cheeks turned a deep red.

“See something you like?” He teased, turning away from you to walk over to his closet, his hips swaying more so than usual, you smirked.

“Nah, just what the cat dragged in.” You answered nonchalantly, turning back to the mirror you were standing in front of, accessing your hair. Seeing Bucky’s reflection in the mirror caught your attention, and you regretted your snarky remark.

“You’ve asked for, doll.” His voice was taunting, deep, and oh so sexy. But that didn’t register as fast as the fact that he was running back over the room to you. You didn’t have the chance for a quick get away, you only managed to get acorss the bed, but Bucky was much faster and landed on top of you. His bare chest brushing against your bare back. You’d only been in a bra and sweats. Him, still only a towel. 

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“you like me?”

yeah, he did. he liked his curly soft hair and the glint of hope in his eyes and the way his mouth was always set in either a mischievous, knowing smirk or half a smile.

it was hard not to, really. because other than how perfect remus was, there was also how perfect he made him feel.

he liked him because he liked the way he touched him; anything from hand-holding to them almost sitting in each other’s laps most of the time.

he liked the way remus laughed almost as much as he liked making remus laugh (just to hear that melodic sound or curl under those amused, fond stares he gave him.)

he liked how remus could understand him, most of the time. remus could never understand how dysphoria feels — the boys knew he was a boy, and they believed him and treated him as such, but there was a catch. maybe it was because he was trans and felt like he was feminine, and maybe it was because he had home issues and sibling issues and world issues — the point was, peter and james were careful around him. more careful than they were around each other and remus (example: whenever they were wrestling) but remus? he treated him the exact same way he treated james, with just a larger hint of affection and comfort that sirius welcomed gladly (and he understood it, too. they knew remus was a boy when he wasn’t a monster ripping himself to shreds, but sometimes he was treated like a boy who was always ripping himself to shreds.)

“i thought it was obvious.”

and pathetic and really fucking wrong. because wizards marry witches and witches marry wizards. because he couldn’t just go around liking remus if he wanted to be a boy. how was a girl who pretended to be a boy any different than a normal girl, besides the fucked up brain? it wasn’t his fault, though, that he wanted to be — to stay a boy, in spite of having feelings for one. it was his parents’ fault because maybe if they were kinder then he would’ve listened to them and he would be normal right now.

“i’m sorry.”

“what for?” remus did that thing where he tilted his head and looked up, confused and pouting. it did things to sirius’ heart. and entire chest, really. “i like you, too. always did. i thought you knew.”

and if a tilt of his head did things to sirius’ heart then the tone of his voice and the things he uttered did more to sirius than words could ever describe.


“i thought you were straight,” remus said, a slight blush dusting his freckled cheeks. and what a sight it was, even for a boy who had been living and breathing magic and pretty views for his entire life. sirius closed his eyes.

“i would’ve been, you know,” sirius rose, his eyes still closed. “i can’t be a boy ’n like you at the same time.”

“you are and you do, though.” and if it was someone else, then they’d be confused and they’d apologise and leave. they would believe sirius and let him do whatever he thought he needed to do.

but it was remus, and remus wasn’t someone else. if it was someone else, they wouldn’t have stood up and walked towards sirius. they wouldn’t have grabbed his hands and intertwined their fingers into his and asked him to open his eyes. they wouldn’t have told him that liking someone doesn’t define who you are and that boys who weren’t born boys are just as real as boys who were born boys, and that liking girls or boys or neither doesn’t change this.

if it was someone else, they wouldn’t have tickled sirius all of a sudden — but it wasn’t, and when he tickled sirius, sirius’ pout turned into a grin and he said he wasn’t ticklish anymore. and remus huffed, and opened his mouth to say something — probably something about knowing other ways to get a reaction from him — when sirius leaned in and pressed his lips to his, sighing into remus’ mouth when the latter gasped slightly, deepening the kiss when he felt hands reaching up towards his hair, stroking the back of his neck.

“you do,” remus repeated, and sirius felt as if remus’ amber eyes could see straight through his own, deep into his soul, “you like me. ’n i like you too, a lot.”

(and sirius realised — that yeah, he liked remus and it was much, much more than he thought he did. and at that moment, while they were wrapped in each other’s arms and giggled into each other’s mouths, it felt perfectly fine and normal. maybe some things were meant to be, and maybe certain rotten beliefs weren’t among those things.)

James in school
  • Teacher: okay James what's the answer to this equation?
  • James:
  • James:
  • James: uh, I mean, whatever the house wants I guess
It’s Not Personal Pt. V // 4:38

Pairing: Read x Bucky

Featuring: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanova, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Vision

Warning: Swearing, fighting, fluff, angst ??

Prompt: Bucky and Steve are assigned to track down and attack an alleged threat. But what happens when that alleged threat is you, and your intentions are more mysterious than they thought?

P.S ~ this will be separated into multiple *parts*. If you’re liking this and want to make sure you don’t miss the next parts that follow, then turn on post notifications or send me a DM.

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Previous Parts:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

It was dark by the time you arrived. The moon was the only lighting as you stumbled down the street. Cars flew past you, your hair blowing up by the wind. It didn’t bother you, though. Your thoughts were elsewhere as you reached the building your heart was aching for. It stood, looming over, in front of you. Lights were on, closer to the top floor. The bold letters already made you anxious, and your palms sweaty.

You walked up to the large front doors, smiling at the camera. The door made a click as it unlocked, you hesitated for a moment before pushing them open. The lobby was empty as you headed over to the elevator, pressing the top floor. Different thoughts swarmed your brain as you stared at yourself in the elevator mirror.

Did you look OK? Was your hair brushed enough? You brushed your teeth, you checked. You didn’t know why you were so nervous. You’d known about this day for a couple of months, you planned it over and over in your head. But as the day grew closer, you got more and more nervous. You’d become irrational and kept walking into things.

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In case you were wondering here’s a list of all my WIPS
  • Shallurance canon divergence get together smut fic, featuring: shiro and allura tag teaming lance
  • Shance BB fic (james bond au whoop)
  • Shance aftercare smut fic
  • Kolivance and BOMxLance fic
  • Professor Shiro and Lance fic
  • College students Shance told from outsider perspective
  • Voltron dating sim au
  • Like 3 different a/b/o fics
  • a mafia au

basically i’m busy and procrastinating on all of these lol. Also words are hard and smutty words are harder :P

Hamilton in the Big Brother Diary Room
  • Alex: It's just he... *takes deep breath* I just want to strangle him, y'know, just... he's a fucking asshole!
  • BB: Who are you talking about today, Alexander?
  • Burr: I feel good. I do. Nobody knows my secret yet, and I have no plans of telling them. Not until the very end, because that's how you win, you wait. I think the people watching respect that.
  • BB: People constantly boo you Aaron
  • John: But like... how does it work? How do you hear me? Are you an AI, or are you a dude hiding behind there?
  • BB: Why did you come into the diary room this morning, John?
  • Hercules: I may have lost that challenge, but when you knock me down, I get the FUCK back up again!
  • BB: Take a moment to calm down, Hercules, and rejoin the house.
  • Lafayette: I will not apologize for calling Burr a little shit in French! He thought I was offering him breakfast.
  • BB: *sigh*
  • James: I just want to go home. *shudders, wrapping blanket tighter* I just *sniffles* wanna go home...
  • BB: Someone make this man a hot chocolate
  • Thomas: Look, just because Alexander's a little bitch doesn't mean I should be labelled as the villain. Why the fuck do people boo me on eviction night? I'm a pleasant guy, okay, y'all motherfuckers don't know how fuckin nice I am
  • BB: You may have done well not to antagonize the situation by throwing a potted plant at Alexander's head
  • George W: I feel as if I have to watch over them, like they're my children or something
  • BB: I know the feeling
  • King George: Let them boo. Let them jeer. I'll watch them all burn in the end. All of them.
  • BB: We're concerned, George
  • Angelica: I've got game. If you know me, you know that I've got game. I let Eliza win that challenge, because I would be a shit sister if I didn't, but at the end, WHAM! I'm gonna sprint those last few miles
  • BB: Wonderful strategy, Angelica. You haven't slept in three days
  • Maria: I... I don't know why I keep sleeping with Alexander... he's just... really hot, and... I don't want people to think I'm that kind of girl, but...
  • BB: We understand, Maria. We understand.
  • Eliza: Everyone leaves their shampoo out. Like Thomas, why can't he simply snap the lid back on and put his shampoo back properly? It's very simple! Extremely simple! I won't be everyone's maid... I'm not cleaning another square inch of this house!
  • BB: We'll believe it when we see it
  • Peggy: Does anyone know who I am in this house?
  • BB: You're on the voting boards, Polly.
  • Stranger: *showing a video of Lena's ex doing evil things*
  • Kara: I'm going to cut this bitch! This is EVIL af, this shit is real 100%, not fake... uh uh...Lena needs to know. Where is she? MUST PROTECT MY BB
  • Jo'n, Alex, Winn, James, Maggie: *shows a video of Lena supposedly doing evil things*
  • Kara: Shut the fuck up, that can't be my baby Lena. Where is she? I MUST PROTECT HER. MUST PROTECT.

“Mum, Dad, thank you for gathering here. I have a presentation to make. Mum, could I use your wand as a pointer please? I promise I won’t set the drapes on fire this time. That was a complete accident anyway.”

baby james charts and graphs from this post

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