Wild aggressive ho ….please someone control him


love-all-things-fantastic asked:

I love your website and also I recommend it to my friends who suffer terribly from the same Tom-related issues. Also. That post about the butt. Where you posted the butt like 27.5 times in a row? That was just not cool. Multiple blackouts. It's bad enough when that perfect butt wanders across my dash randomly, but that many times in a row? You're just mean. :)

Huh? What butt?

Oh yeah, now I remember! This butt!

I’m not mean. Look I’m just helping you.

This is what we call an exposure excercise. We repeat a threathening stimulus again and again

until you become accustomed to it

and it no longer creates a response. You’ll get bored with it soon.

Aaany minute now.


How about now?

See, getting bored now. Total success. You’re very welcome.

Thank you, please come again!