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I Love Their Relationship
  • *CaRtOoNz screams bloody murder*
  • Delirious:“Did you pee-pee a little bit?”
  • CaRtOoNz:“I fucking pee-peed a lot a bit."
  • [Following the news of Fury's "death"]
  • Malick:I'm perplexed. Are they gonna keep on replacing whoever's in charge? If so, who's next? There's nobody else in their agency who looms quite as large...Phil Coulson? I know him; that can't be. That's that little guy who spoke to me all those years ago—what was it, 2005? That poor man, we're gonna eat him alive!

so i’m pretty sure that after that episode, i am definitely philinda trash and so is everyone else including the writer because oh my god these flirts