Imagine breaking up with Chris, and having to leave for several days to gather yourself while he moves his things out of your place. It’s almost dark when you arrive home, save for a single ray of sunshine gleaming onto the coffee table. There lies an envelope with Chris’s handwriting on the front - “things I wish I could have said.”

Nope. Done. Bye.

Look I don’t care if they are 17 year olds. Now is the PERFECT time for them to learn that when they are ignorant little shits, they lose out on an amazing friend.

IT IS NOT FAIR FOR SANA TO PUT ASIDE EVERYTHING SHE FELT BECAUSE THEY “LEARNED THEIR LESSON.” I don’t believe redemption is justifiable within the next 2-3 weeks. Maybe in a few years when girl squad learns the value of Sana’s friendship. What they did today is EXTREMELY cruel. Nobody even bothered to ask her a single fucking question. When they knew the shit that post would get Sana.

Sana is strong enough to realize this clique is not healthy for her. You can’t honestly tell me this experience won’t stick with Sana. Her “friends” literally just abandoned her when they knew EVERYBODY else was going to turn on her too. They kicked her when she was down. There is no other explanation. Don’t even Fcking mention how in every past season, Sana has never abandoned them. You can’t take what she has to give just to pretend to be superior later on.

I would love for there to be redemption, but I think from what’s happened, Sana is better off walking away from this circle. It’s never been more true lmao. Sana deserves better.

Karrueche Tran Fitness Guide

Karrueche was born with a petite body so ultimately, her genes are the prime reason for her size. Aside from her small frame, Karrueche has a perfectly toned body. That being her arms, legs, and abs. If you keep reading, I will explain how you can achieve this body that Karrueche struts everyday!

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Cry Baby 9 (Josh x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Until Dawn

Character: Josh Washington

Persona: Female

Word Count: 625

Warning: Swearing

A/N - Sorry for not updating in ages! The song for this chapter is Cake , here’s the link to the previous parts! It’s also been ages since I last saw any playthrough of Until Dawn so some of the details are going to be wrong, sorry again bbs! <3

You, Josh, Chris and Ashley were all that remained in the lodge, bar Sam of course who was in the bath. Chris and Ashley sat together on one sofa while you and Josh shared the other, unfortunately for him you were still pissed off. You made sure to make that known but still Josh tried to get back on your good side, very slowly he crept his arm up and let it rest on your shoulders.

Your skin is warm like an oven
Your kiss is sugary sweet
Your fingers feel like cotton
When you put your arms around me
I feel like I’m just missing
Something whenever you leave
We’ve got all the ingredients
Except you loving me
And respectfully…

You shrugged it off, you saw Josh frown out the corner of his eye and he tried to put his arm around you again, “Don’t be like that (Y/N)”, he muttered loud enough so only you could hear. Anger grew inside of you, or maybe it was jealousy that fuelled your tongue, “You know Josh, I’m sure Sam would like some help”. Josh pulled his arm away from you, “Don’t be like that (Y/N)” he repeated.

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