MICE 2013 was really great. Here’s a few pictures from my phone. It’s not much, cause ya know, I was selling things and talking on panels the whole time. I have plenty more to say but this is where we will begin.

First is zoepiel recieving her grant mponey for her MICE debut book, The Adventures of Painless Parker! It is pretty great and I will pimp it all get out when I do one of those loot pictures. B|

Next is the VERY IMPORTANT picture of my coffee cup with my Twitter account in case I lost it. Sadly, I never did. I will make sure next year to “misplace” my coffee, so someone can tweet me all about it.

Then a picture I drew for I am pretty sure the Lesley Library, but I honestly couldn’t say. IGNORE THE UNINKED FOOT WHAT DO YOU MEAN I AM RUSTY WITH PHYSICAL MEDIA.

Finally, LOOK AT THAT PAPER CRAFT HEADCRAB I AM WEARING!!!! It was given to me by a student artist named Victoria Chiu-Lin. I only have her Deviant art account, which you should go and check out.
Ahhhh this headcrab is so cool and I would love to see more things like it.

More to come (but not in photo form unless you send me pictures of me in my hat)!

Bazzelwaki has a STORE

External image

So, I have ordered stock, and put lots and lots of effort into making an online store. It is also the home of the Donate button for now. It still has some problems, but they’re the cosmetic sort. If you find problems I don’t already note on the store, please let me know right away.

Also very important is that I just REORDERED stock, and I do not expect it to arrive until Feb 28th, so things will be shipped after that.

Currently you can buy on it:

  • Ash Storm: Episodes One through Five
  • Both of my Min Comics
  • “Nameless” Poster
  • “Now You Draw Something” Poster
I have so many more things I want to make into books, shirts, posters and so on. But for now, those are what I have ready and am stocking.

I really hope people get use out of this! I’ve wanted to have one of these for so long, and I found I kept avoiding it for a week there. Some part of me still does not believe my comics are worth anything to anyone else, and that’s the same part that makes me so cripplingly anxious that I had to officially reduce the Ash Storm update schedule to 1 page every 2 weeks.

Please, if you can, prove that part of me wrong.