MICE 2013 was really great. Here’s a few pictures from my phone. It’s not much, cause ya know, I was selling things and talking on panels the whole time. I have plenty more to say but this is where we will begin.

First is zoepiel recieving her grant mponey for her MICE debut book, The Adventures of Painless Parker! It is pretty great and I will pimp it all get out when I do one of those loot pictures. B|

Next is the VERY IMPORTANT picture of my coffee cup with my Twitter account in case I lost it. Sadly, I never did. I will make sure next year to “misplace” my coffee, so someone can tweet me all about it.

Then a picture I drew for I am pretty sure the Lesley Library, but I honestly couldn’t say. IGNORE THE UNINKED FOOT WHAT DO YOU MEAN I AM RUSTY WITH PHYSICAL MEDIA.

Finally, LOOK AT THAT PAPER CRAFT HEADCRAB I AM WEARING!!!! It was given to me by a student artist named Victoria Chiu-Lin. I only have her Deviant art account, which you should go and check out.
Ahhhh this headcrab is so cool and I would love to see more things like it.

More to come (but not in photo form unless you send me pictures of me in my hat)!



No one makes a flat cap this big, so I had to buy a fisherman’s cap and some cloth and figure out how to make a real hat of it myself.

At SPX and MICE, you’ll be able to find me now because I am for serious cosplaying a caricature of myself.

Bazzelwaki has a STORE

So, I have ordered stock, and put lots and lots of effort into making an online store. It is also the home of the Donate button for now. It still has some problems, but they’re the cosmetic sort. If you find problems I don’t already note on the store, please let me know right away.

Also very important is that I just REORDERED stock, and I do not expect it to arrive until Feb 28th, so things will be shipped after that.

Currently you can buy on it:

  • Ash Storm: Episodes One through Five
  • Both of my Min Comics
  • “Nameless” Poster
  • “Now You Draw Something” Poster
I have so many more things I want to make into books, shirts, posters and so on. But for now, those are what I have ready and am stocking.

I really hope people get use out of this! I’ve wanted to have one of these for so long, and I found I kept avoiding it for a week there. Some part of me still does not believe my comics are worth anything to anyone else, and that’s the same part that makes me so cripplingly anxious that I had to officially reduce the Ash Storm update schedule to 1 page every 2 weeks.

Please, if you can, prove that part of me wrong.

MICE Happened, and it was great. And congratulations to creepylurker my 100th follower

I will have a MICE comic made this week or next, depending on my schedule. It was great!!! This Con season has really made me believe I can indeed be the person and artist I wish to be.

And to creepylurker, congrats on being my 100th follower! I am drawing you an avatar! I won’t lie, it’s based on your Tumblr name.
I expect I will do this every 100 followers on both Twitter and Tumblr.

If you were hoping I would draw you something, send me a message!
If it seems like a fun idea I just might, and if you want to pay me money I will almost certainly accept and draw it!

I have a lot on my plate and the future is exciting and STAY TUNED FOR MORE OF EVERYTHING!!!


I’ve just finished the next major change in the Bazzelwaki site. The UI has some significant changes in increased relevant content, but the big change is that I can now for serious read and code in PHP.

All the links on that page and comic images are grabbed as the latest for each comic, as well as the blog, and the most recent of all the comics in general. It also replaces the general comic page, which over 70% of all visitors went straight to previously. Now you can get to all the major content from the home page, as well as check all updates. I’ve also added a donation button and another ad.

Anyways, that’s that! I know it’s rough around the edges still, but I hope it seems like an improvement. Does anyone have comments or constructive crit?

Adjusted Bazzelwaki Comments Moderation

Alright, upon request modified the Bazzelwaki comment moderation. You now no longer need to wait for approval with you have a previously approved comment. If you have never commented before however, you will need to complete a recaptcha for your comment to enter moderation.

I’m looking at changing from the default wordpress comment system to Disqus, so this may all be irrelevant soon enough.

Ash Storm: Episode 6 will not be done the 11th (Sunday). It’s because all ten ten pages have roughs that look like THAT.

That said, I’ve decided to release the episode in two parts, and the first is still scheduled for November 11th.

Just getting that out there. I hope to release the second part a week later, but let’s just go with “November” for now to be safe.

The sheer amount of work that goes into these episodes is kinda staggering. Each one is exponentially more complex to make that the last. To make just this page, I converted a section of a 70 page story I have written into a comic script, found about 15 refresnce photos, planned out the suburbs layout, designed Baldwin’s mom and how she carries herself, worked out how the panel layout will slowly change from the rigid form of episode 2 to the flowing form on the future episodes, and tried to make a believable conversation in French, which I do not speak.

Oh, and French speakers, this is your chance to tell me if Google Translate did an OK job (if you can get past my rough letters). There will never be a conversation not written in English in Ash Storm you need to understand, but I still want the French to hold up.

And that’s not everything… GAH. I firmly believe all the effort that goes into Ash Storm is what makes it a good comic and it’s own thing, and it is totally rewarding to see people pick up on many of the tiny details I add, and watching the comic really come to life, and…. yeah.

Thanks for sticking with me, see you with some finished pages Sunday.


Movin' OUT

To where: Unknown (sorta)
To What: Unknown
When: Around the end of August

How will this affect YOU, the comic reader? Here is a list of what I intend to get drawn and online before moving: 

  • I intend to finish part 1 of Tiny, which is two more comics. That way I can can dive into part 2 after the move, which takes full advantage of the comic’s almost non-existent 4th wall.
  • I am doing a 10 page black and white horror comic, for a local group called the Boston Comic Roundtable. Completing this is priority. Will it be put online? Only if the group doesn’t mind.
  • I will put up the damn hiatus page for Imprint, saying when it will resume.
  • If possible, I will finish Ash Storm Episode 2. The comic really needs to get to Episode 3 for me to feel there is enough archive. Unfortunately, this a larger task and less important than the other 3.

After this move? Well, then a comicpalloza would be nice. But in these two months I have an incredible amount to do, and no time to slack off. Comics will happen, but not over what I directly need to be able to move out.

Until very soon, here is a rough of the first page of the horror comic! Title is tentative.

The Definition of Bazzelwaki


So, waaaaaayy back at the end of April, I had my senior art opening for my studio art major. Surprise surprise, my gallery piece and sem final was I had spent quite a bit of time on it before that of course, but this was the first time I tried to put a web comic in a gallery setting.

Amazingly, it worked really well, and I got the major with flying color-wheels. I had to come up with an artist statement also however, which seemed pretty silly for a web comic. Thus, I tried to define “Bazzelwaki”.

Which was really, really hard.

But, after 5 pages of ranting about how stupid artist statements were, I found I had enough material to write one!  Below is my artist statement, and the definition of Bazzelwaki (at least if a fancy-pants artist is asking). 

The Definition of Bazzelwaki
An Artist Statement

Imprint, Tiny Bazzelwaki, Ash Storm.

These are the names of the comics I am currently drawing digitally, and uploading to this webcomic site, Though each is a major project in and of itself, it is all of Bazzelwaki that is my Senior Seminar.

In any given language, Bazzelwaki has no meaning. However, the word is phonetically unique, and with no prior meaning attached to it, a reader associates it solely with the body of work contained by This extends then to the greater connecting ideas present throughout the website, and Bazzelwaki becomes a feeling; its own type of comic, story, and art style. stops being a website conceptually, and becomes a place in the landscape of the Internet, where Bazzelwaki is found.

Because Bazzelwaki becomes a place, and not an individual idea, can be a webcomic site that contains many comics and artworks, all of which are connected conceptually. This allows for any number of narratives to be contained within Bazzelwaki.

A Bazzelwaki narrative often begins in the middle of an action, and rarely lets the linear flow of time dictate the unfolding of events. Without exception, each narrative ends with plot threads connecting to a larger story than the one just told. In this way, Bazzelwaki narratives have no definite beginnings, no absolute ends, and are further interconnected as part of Bazzelwaki.

Ultimately, an artist statement in a blog post can only attempt to define Bazzelwaki. It is something that you, as the reader, must define for yourself for it to have any real meaning. If Bazzelwaki and its contents does not interest you without this statement, then it certainly will not interest you with it.

-Ben Prager, he who shoots himself in the foot