bazu band

Indian (Deccan) khula-khud (helmet), zirah baktar (mail and plate shirt) 17th Century approx. 95 cm. long, the long-sleeved mail shirt with eight frontal plaques embellished with gilt mounts, the back with five vertical rows of small plaques, Persian / Ottoman bazu band (vambrace/arm guard), pair of red leather boots with one Ottoman mail-and-plate kolçak (greaves or shin armor).

Indo-Persian Armour, 19th C.

A rare and beautiful set from the property of a high ranked warrior, consisting in a khula-khud, a sipar, a bazu-band, a coat of mail, two points and two maces.

Helmet with hemispherical skull, cusp of squared section at the top, on a base shaped as a truncated cone; sliding nose-piece, two plume-holders; all engraved and gilt. Decorated with six, big, richly carved and pierced cartouches at the base, featuring Arabic writings, provided with twenty-four smaller cartouches, pierced with floral motifs and with gold frame; featuring a copper leaf under the cartouches. Silver-plated, Arabic writings at the border the skull. Red cloth lining at the inside. Mail neck defense consisting in small rings with simple closure (missing parts). Height: 60 cm circa. Featuring a big, round and convex, iron sipar, provided with four studs engraved and gilt with floral motifs; decorated with nine cartouches at the center, together with twelve, smaller ones, all richly pierced with floral motifs and gold frames, with a thin, copper leaf below. Silver-inlaid, Arabic writings among four bands decorated with flowers at the border; brass support at the border. A red cloth lining at the inside, with an old label, four suspension rings. Diameter: 46.7 cm. Bass-band decorated en suite, featuring a stylized face at the top, complete with plaques to close it and with sword-shell (defects), Length: 55 cm. Coat of mail consisting in rings with simple lock, some missing parts; neck with lined cloth, provided with fringes. Height: 60 cm circa. Neck: 10 cm. Two trident heads, one with damask structure and Arabic writings, decorated with horned head, snakes and floral motifs (Height: 55 cm), the other one with socket featuring silver decorations an cusp engraved with floral motifs and silver and gold decorations (height: 54.5 cm). Two iron maces, one with horned head and remains of silver decorations (77.5 cm), the other one with bull head and remains of silver decorations.

Chilta hazar masha (coat of a thousand nails), kulah khud (helmet), bazu band (arm guards). Indian armored clothing made from layers of fabric faced with velvet and studded with numerous small brass nails, which were often gilded. Fabric armor was very popular in India because metal became very hot under the Indian sun. This example has additional armor plates on the chest area, arms, and thighs. The Wallace Collection, London England.