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Namjin, 12 :3 (I'm nothing if not predictable)

12. “I’ve been buying the wrong underwear.”

Namjoon looks up from his book, still slumped over in the giant armchair as if he were one with the sticky leather, which is sort of gross considering the abominably humid weather plaguing Busan at the moment.


Seokjin sighs, vague embarrassment flitting across his features before he repeats himself. “I’ve been buying the wrong underwear, and I was kind of wondering if I could borrow a pair?”

Shit, so he did hear right. “That’s…I…what?” Namjoon squawks eloquently, and above him Seokjin quirks a suspicious eyebrow.

“I need to go to the store, and I hate going commando,” Seokjin clarifies slowly as if Namjoon were an idiot. “So…yes? No?”

Namjoon subtly wipes the sweat from his forehead. “You’d probably fit Taehyung’s better,” he says. “Or Jungkook’s.” Anyone but me, really.

“They’re all down by the beach, and Jungkook would throw a fit if anyone even touched his clothes, you know that.”

“….How about I just go for you?”

“You would have no idea what to get. Namjoon, what’s the problem? We’re both men here, for god’s sake.”

Namjoon flails a little bit. “Exactly,” he squeaks, “we’re both men.”

Seokjin casts him a tired, dead stare, not particularly in the mood to put up with any of his friends’ macho tendencies right at this moment, not after commandeering an overcrowded van of unruly hooligans for four hours straight and lugging mountains of luggage up to the rented beach house only to find that he packed the wrong underwear for their yearly beach trip. 

“You and Jimin are mixing up your stuff all the time,” Seokjin insists with a roll of his eyes. He glances down briefly. “You’re wearing his tank top right now.”

Namjoon knows better than to try to win a stare off when Seokjin has activated his Mama Jin mode.

“….Fine,” he acquiesces. Namjoon peels himself off the couch, heart beating three thousand miles per minute as he speed-walks across the small room and digs as discreetly through his luggage as possible. Surely he must’ve brought some spare boxers with him…

Seokjin creeps up behind him, shoving the younger out of the way and sticking a hand into the depths of Namjoon’s suitcase. “What’s this?” he murmurs, pulling out a ball of lace and silk, and he dances away as Namjoon tries furiously to swipe the incriminating fabric from Seokjin’s grip.

Seokjin’s face is unreadable as he lifts the lacy boyshorts in the air, the soft pink bow in the center sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the throes of black tshirts and ripped jeans.

He’s going to die. Oh, god, he’s going to die. Namjoon’s face is burning in shame and he’s just about to make a lame joke about ha, girls, always leaving their underwear and shit, one night stands amirite? or something of the sort, but instead watches in befuddlement as the elder stretches the delicate fabric to his hips, surveying them carefully and after a long, strained minute, bunching the pink lace up in his fist.

“Well, would you look at that?” Seokjin finally says, face devoid of any judgement. “Just my size.”

Then he simply walks off with a casual thanks, man, and Namjoon has never smiled so hard.

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here the spanish anon reporting back, ep was pretty epic even with the lack of malec. lots of action, not as many cringing moments, i call it a win lol

Brave little soldier, I salute you <3

I pretty much agree, though it certainly reached my “cringing moments” limits with that ridiculous slo-mo gold extravaganza. But hey, whatever gets the c.lace ship sailing, right? They got that kiss after all!

I’ll be here enjoying every second of That Look Alec bazooked at Magnus. Gimme all the gifs <3 <3 <3


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