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About that DC/Marvel post, I’m amused and annoyed that they put the speed dating as a LOL SO ZANY BEST THING like it’s the pinnacle in Loki’s current run, because there’s so much hilarious stuff that the 616 Lokis (in plural) have been doing in the last three years, like

  • Blowing up Stonehenge and British landmarks in general with a smartphone while wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and quoting Oppenheimer (the monuments get better.)
  • Asking for donations for a puppy on Tumblr.
  • Just the fact that smartphones and Instagram accounts are a thing with Lokis now.
  • Downloading movies in the “torrents of bits”.
  • Counting Internet memes as arcane studies.
  • Milkshakes. Bacon. Breakfast meats.
  • Planning that involves a circular table game as diagram.
  • Making references to Game of Thrones, Scott Pilgrim, and The Princess Bride, among others.
  • Pretending to be Harry Styles and being called “one-direction-y”
  • Singing Wicked songs in the shower.
  • Let us not forget killing off a mythological fish monster in the past with a bazooka.

Lokis are just ridiculous creatures now, and speed dating isn’t even in my top ten of cracky shit they’ve pulled off.

anonymous asked:

Do all of your woofs have nicknames? What are they?

Oh gosh, I couldn’t even begin to list them all! Off the top of my head:

River: River-biver, Riv, Wiver, Riverboat.

Charlie: Charles, Chuck, Chuck-a-roo, Chuckles

Timber: Tim-bim, Timbers, It’s going down, I’m yellin’ TIMBER!

Luka: Lu, Luka-booka, Luka-bazooka, Lulu

Loki: Loki-poki, Loco, Lolo

Kiba: Kiba-bean, Keeb-ster, the Keebs, Keeba-beeba, Imp, Napoleon, Kiki, Keeeeeeebuh.

I call them all meatballs, or nerds, or fluffheads, etc as a group.

I’m sure there’s more haha