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bangtan fanfiction film posters #9: Beta Tau Sigma by bazooka

of course Bazooka Fic Films couldn’t possibly be complete without a poster for this fic, especially since today’s its one-year anniversary!

This was the first piece I ever read, the one that was so funny and engrossing that it singlehandedly dragged me into reading Bangtan fanfiction: Beta Tau Sigma by @uziregar​. The poster is inspired by the poster for Animal HouseI imagine that it’d pull a Mad Max in terms of marketing—billed as a typical summer bro comedy, except actually gay as hell and capable of reducing you to a blubbering mess of emotions by the time credits roll. Not sure about Oscars, but it’s a box office hit and gains a loyal cult following.

#5 in the Bazooka fic films series: objects in mirror are closer than they appear

i have so much love for this fic; it’s spare but poignant and sexy and beautifully written overall. i think that, if the story were adapted to film, it would definitely be an art film, one of those quietly devastating magical-realism pieces that you might see at a prestigious film festival. so this poster borrows a couple of elements from the marketing for those films. 

thanks again to @uziregar for letting me play around in her fic sandbox <3

third installment of the Bazooka fic films series: @uziregar‘s Like Honey and Grenadine! i love this fic so much; it’s so beautifully and poetically written. and you just know that it would be one of those Oscar bait films disguised as a summer romance flick. the cinematography would be breathtaking and the actors would be amazing and the OST would make everybody cry.


San Francisco Bay Area Freight Graffiti Icon King 157 talking about the 80′s and the yards he started painting in. 

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