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bangtan fanfiction film posters #9: Beta Tau Sigma by bazooka

of course Bazooka Fic Films couldn’t possibly be complete without a poster for this fic, especially since today’s its one-year anniversary!

This was the first piece I ever read, the one that was so funny and engrossing that it singlehandedly dragged me into reading Bangtan fanfiction: Beta Tau Sigma by @uziregar​. The poster is inspired by the poster for Animal HouseI imagine that it’d pull a Mad Max in terms of marketing—billed as a typical summer bro comedy, except actually gay as hell and capable of reducing you to a blubbering mess of emotions by the time credits roll. Not sure about Oscars, but it’s a box office hit and gains a loyal cult following.

third installment of the Bazooka fic films series: @uziregar‘s Like Honey and Grenadine! i love this fic so much; it’s so beautifully and poetically written. and you just know that it would be one of those Oscar bait films disguised as a summer romance flick. the cinematography would be breathtaking and the actors would be amazing and the OST would make everybody cry.

#5 in the Bazooka fic films series: objects in mirror are closer than they appear

i have so much love for this fic; it’s spare but poignant and sexy and beautifully written overall. i think that, if the story were adapted to film, it would definitely be an art film, one of those quietly devastating magical-realism pieces that you might see at a prestigious film festival. so this poster borrows a couple of elements from the marketing for those films. 

thanks again to @uziregar for letting me play around in her fic sandbox <3