bazooka art

“So we only exist with heavy metal as a part of our genetic composition, right? But heavy metals only exist because the first generation of stars after the big bang died. Heavy metals didn’t exist before that. The first set of stars had to die and reform into the second set of stars for heavy metals to exist.”


“So we’re, like, literally made of stardust.”


“I just think that’s really beautiful and kinda tragic?”

“I love you.”

Namjin for @uziregar


@everysinglepheel @damnsparce @royal—ninja @cherrykabo @shiritakunaii @hot-potato-cold-bazooka your terrible cards have arrived and the last card is free to use with credit, happy valentine’s day you nerds ; w ;

drew a conis for inktober a few days ago

have i ever mentioned how much i love conis because like dAMN GIRL

she was gonna get stabbed iN THE FACE and didn’t flinch and then pulled out a GIANT BAZOOKA that she clearly knew how to use just to make sure these people who didn’t want anything to do with her could live

what a badass