Then and now.

Record the course of history.
(doodling mindlessly in classes)

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prepating for finals, lately I don’t have time for anything plus my final project is still not finished ( I have to present it in 3 days, weeee) soooo I think that’s what people mean by ’ being in deep shit’

hey, but thanks for 80 000 followers! After finals I will post some animations I’ve been making all semester 

ink on A4

ok,  I’ve got >40 000 followers right now, it’s really nice of you

so I’ve decided to celebrate this occasion and buy my cat a can of tuna, hope she likes it

still without a tablet, quite a shame, cause I wanted to color this one, there are stripes from marker, but anyway, I like it



 I want to greet two girls, that came today to see the exibition of our faculty and after several questions about studing industrial design they have admitted that they are following me on tumblr and they like my works. You were super nice, I hope you will get into the Academy next year!