bazaar art


This is a completely and wholly honest representation of Mr Wines.

This entire sitting left me wondering how uncomfortable it would be to wear clothing over fur.  I had also thought that the corsetry of many of the ladies in Fallen London was terrifying; I can’t imagine what possessed Mr Wines to do this to its wings.

It was willing to part with some excellent vintages while posing.  For a price.

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“The legend of Anarkali – the beautiful courtesan who seduced the Mughal Prince Saleem only to be entombed alive in a wall for her transgression by Salim’s father, Emperor Akbar. The history of Anarkali, that heaving, bustling maze of congested streets and tiny shops located outside the Lohari Gate, can be traced back to colonial times. 

Lahore’s oldest surviving bazaar was once the center of culture and style; and remains a popular shopping destination even today… Vibrant and chaotic, Anarkali Bazaar embodies Lahore’s spirit of grandeur, contradictions and co-existence. Amongst shops selling everything from stationery to hand embroidered khussas to fresh nimbo paani, you’ll spot architectural styles derived from the various eras to have shaped the city’s cultural ethos – from Mughal to Sikh to British” -Destinations Magazine


I had considered whether or not I would approach Mr Cups for a sitting.  I was surprised that it approached me for an alarmingly cordial one in its spire, as I’d never expected any sort of friendliness between myself and this particular Master.

It was a very good subject, and was willing to show off its wings for my sake.  Unfortunately, the mirrors of the Neath appear to have done something strange to my candlelight.  I swear this is reasonably close to what I saw.

(Check the full resolution - especially on the facial close-up!)


Makeup Mondays:

‘Eye Candy.’ Body painting inspired by Van Gogh by Guido Daniele with makeup by Ginevra Daniele. Photographed by Michael Baumgarten for Harper’s Bazaar, March 2017.