bazaar 15


I can’t believe it’s already almost mid-November! Time has flown by at an alarming rate— it’s been almost an entire year since I made this gown and cloak set for the @failbettergames Hallowmas competition. I don’t believe I ever posted the full photoset here so this seemed the perfect time for some slightly belated Fallen London goodness. Clayr isn’t a character for whom the (marginally less than) Respectable Grey Gown is entirely appropriate, but as I am personally quite fond of the color grey I made it anyways, “terrifying, lethal, midnight and sinister lady” aside. :^) Maybe I’ll attack the (much more suitable) Parabola Linen Frock next time.

The process of patterning both the gown and cloak was exceedingly UnFun and I do not recommend it. 

(As a side note, I have been playing Fallen London since it was Echo Bazaar— 15 February, 1891, to be precise. While the name has changed the game itself has continued to be an utter delight and I would recommend it without reservation. It’s much more fun than wrangling antique patterns and hand stitching eyelets, at least.)