baz baz

𑁋 Baz. Llevas… Llevas vaqueros.𑁋

𑁋 Sí. Y tú llevas encima medio campo. 𑁋


Based off this post about “Jeans” and “Cowboys” being the same word in Spanish, the lovely Baz En Vaqueros is in physical art form on @dancingwdinosaurs‘s Redbubble! Along with many of her other beautiful Carry On art! Swing on over and check out all of her amazing prints!

(Also, this may or may not be my new bookmark for my Spanish edition)

Deepest Darkest Secret

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 3. Agatha.

It’s awkward when I see Simon again.

We haven’t really talked to each other since he saw me with Baz in the Wood last year. When he and Penny showed up again they were both too shaken to do anything but let the Mage hurry them to his office for questioning. I tried to do my part and play the concerned girlfriend, running after them, and of fucking course I wasn’t allowed in.

They’re my only friends in this school, and when something big and important happens, I get shut out.

Anyway. Now that it’s eighth year and the Humdrum isn’t around, Simon is all attentive again.

‘How was your summer?’ he’s asking me, his eyes trained on me. I can tell that he’s feeling as uncomfortable as I am just by the way his magic starts blurring the air around him. You almost wouldn’t notice if you didn’t know to look for it.

‘Good,’ I say, and I mean it. ‘Great.’ I miss Minty already. This is my last year, and when it’s over… I don’t know.

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swim au

late, again. my apologies. I think they’re will be about 15 chapters, so its nearing the end my friends

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10


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It’s up! I’ve been waiting on some scenes I had a vague idea might be coming and the finale provided in spades!